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A09058 Summary:

BILL NO    A09058D


SPONSOR    Budget



Amd Various Laws, generally

Authorizes funding for the Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement
Program (CHIPS) and Marchiselli program for state fiscal year 2012-2013;
relates to the establishment of the dedicated highway and bridge trust fund;
authorizes funding for the Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement
Program (CHIPS) and Marchiselli program for state fiscal year 2011-2012;
relates to the effectiveness of the dedicated highway and bridge trust fund
(Part A); modifies the distribution of certain highway funds (Part B); enacts a
risk based bus inspection program (Part C); relates to commercial driver's
licenses and medical certifications; repeals paragraph (f) of subdivision 3 of
section 510-a of the vehicle and traffic law, relating to commercial driver's
licenses (Part D); relates to notes, bonds and other obligations of the
metropolitan transportation authority, Triborough bridge and tunnel authority
and New York city transit authority (Part E); establishes an additional
retention rate for county clerks acting as an agent of the department of motor
vehicles based upon internet transactions (Part F); relates to federal revenue
(Part G); relates to regulation of various fish and wildlife licenses, permits
and fees; repeals certain provisions of such law relating thereto (Part H);
relates to hazardous waste program fees and surcharges (Part J); relates to
sewage treatment and drinking water funds and the water pollution control and
drinking water revolving funds (Part K); relates to seed testing (Park L);
relates to cost recovery for services (Part M); relates to food processing
license fees; repeals subdivision 4 of section 128-a and subdivision 3 of
section 133-a of the agriculture and markets law and section 90-b of the state
finance law relating to the commercial feed licensing fund (Part N); authorizes
and directs the New York state energy research and development authority to
make a payment to the general fund of up to $913,000 (Part O); authorizes the
New York state energy research and development authority to finance a portion
of its research, development and demonstration and policy and planning programs
from assessments on gas and electric corporations (Part P); relates to powers
of the New York state urban development corporation to make loans (Part R);
extends certain provisions relating to the empire state economic development
fund (Part S); relates to excelsior linked deposit act (Part U); authorizes the
department of health to finance certain activities with revenues generated from
an assessment on cable television companies (Part V); relates to the employment
of officials at harness race meetings and reimbursement by licensed racing
corporations to the state racing and wagering board for the per diem cost of
such employees (Part Y); relates to the recovery of state governmental costs
from public authorities and public benefit corporations (Part AA); authorizes
the dormitory authority to enter into certain design and construction
management agreements; provides for the repeal of such provisions upon the
expiration thereof (Part BB); relates to on-bill recovery mechanism for the
"green jobs-green New York" program (Part DD); relates to the use of ultra low
sulfur diesel fuel and best available technology by the State (Part EE);
directs the commissioner of environmental conservation to create gift cards for
hunting and fishing licenses (Part FF); enacts the western New York power
proceeds allocation act; repeals chapter 436 of the laws of 2010, relating to
authorizing unallocated expansion or replacement power to be allocated for
western New York economic development fund benefits (Part GG); relates to
infrastructure investment (Part HH); relates to regional off-track betting
corporations and provides for the repeal of certain provisions upon expiration
thereof (Part II).
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