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A00855 Summary:

SAME ASNo same as
COSPNSRPaulin, Thiele, Meng, Kavanagh, Barron, Millman, Ortiz, Kellner, Rosenthal, Brook-Krasny, Jaffee, Lupardo, Calhoun, Sayward, Burling, Corwin, Raia, Giglio, Jordan, Tobacco, Castro, Castelli, Butler, Linares
MLTSPNSRAmedore, Barclay, Conte, Crouch, Duprey, Finch, Goodell, Jeffries, Kolb, Latimer, Lavine, Lopez P, Magee, McDonough, McKevitt, Montesano, Murray, Oaks, Rabbitt, Saladino, Schimel, Tedisco
Add S54-b, amd S80, Leg L; amd S24, ren S99-d to be S99-t, add S99-u, St Fin L
Clarifies the appropriation and qualification of member items, authorizes the legislative ethics commission to review violations of the qualification of member items, and requires that all member items be fully itemized.
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