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A05449 Summary:

SAME ASNo same as
COSPNSRTowns, Alfano, Schroeder
MLTSPNSRAubry, Barra, Brennan, Cahill, Canestrari, Christensen, Clark, Englebright, Heastie, John, Koon, Magee, McEneny, Millman, Morelle, Pheffer, Pretlow, Rivera J
Amd SS213 & 219, St Fin L
Authorizes the comptroller and the commissioner of taxation and finance to make linked deposits with lenders to a series of eligible businesses, so long as no individual loan exceeds $50,000; authorizes excelsior linked deposit loans to be made to a series of eligible businesses, with no individual load exceeding $50,000, and such loans may be used for financing or refinancing a small business in distressed communities.
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