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A03485 Summary:

SAME ASNo same as
COSPNSRMaisel, Lavine, Weisenberg, Dinowitz, Jaffee, Castro, Millman, Colton, Rosenthal, Schimel, Kavanagh, Kellner, Titus, Stevenson, Rivera P, Roberts, Englebright, Abinanti
MLTSPNSRBoyland, Castelli, Cook, Crespo, Farrell, Gabryszak, Galef, Gibson, Glick, Gottfried, Hikind, Hooper, Latimer, Lupardo, Markey, McEneny, Peoples-Stokes, Thiele
Add S27-2119, En Con L
Relates to the collection of mercury-containing thermostats.
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