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A02000 Summary:

BILL NO    A02000B


SPONSOR    Lancman

COSPNSR    Clark, Miller M


Add S2853, Pub Auth L

Enacts the "teleworking expansion act"; provides that each public authority
with twenty-five or more employees shall establish a policy and program to
allow employees to perform all or a portion of their duties through teleworking
to the maximum extent possible without diminished employee performance; defines
the term "telework" to mean to perform normal and regular work functions at
home that ordinarily would be performed at the authority's location or
facility, thereby eliminating or substantially reducing the physical commute to
and from such authority's principal location; requires that prior to
establishing a teleworking program, each authority shall determine whether or
not such program is cost effective; further provides that each participating
authority shall then define who is eligible to participate in such program,
including, but not limited to the certain conditions and criteria.
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