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A01806 Summary:

BILL NO    A01806A


SPONSOR    Gottfried (MS)

COSPNSR    Rivera N, Dinowitz, Galef, Paulin, Peoples-Stokes, Pretlow, Bing,
           Robinson, Titus, Jacobs, Gianaris, Alessi, Gantt, Jaffee, Magnarelli,
           O'Donnell, Spano, Gunther, Brodsky, Kavanagh, Cahill, Kellner,
           Schimel, Scarborough, Fields

MLTSPNSR   Alfano, Barra, Boyland, Brennan, Canestrari, Cook, Crouch, Destito,
           Duprey, Englebright, Glick, Heastie, Hooper, Hoyt, John, Koon,
           Lancman, Latimer, Lavine, Lifton, Lupardo, Magee, Maisel, McEneny,
           Millman, Morelle, Ortiz, Pheffer, Ramos, Rivera J, Rosenthal,
           Sayward, Stirpe, Thiele, Towns, Townsend, Weisenberg, Wright

Add Art 14-A SS1450 - 1457, Pub Health L

Establishes an age-appropriate sex education grant program through the
department of health to be a comprehensive age-appropriate program conducted by
an eligible applicant; authorizes the commissioner to determine certain topics
of instruction and makes provisions for the application of grants.
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