2002 Green Book
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                                 Adjusted  Executive   Legislative
                                  Approp.    Request       Approp.
                                  2001-02    2002-03       2002-03   Change

  General Fund                    474,900     493,000      493,000      0 
  Special Rev.-Other            3,307,000   4,661,000    4,661,000      0 
  Total for STATE OPERATIONS:   3,781,900   5,154,000    5,154,000      0 


The Legislature concurs with the Executive recommendation.

Article VII

The Legislature approves legislation proposed by the Executive that would 
increase the penalties for violations of the Do Not Call Registry from 
$2000 to $5000.

The Legislature denies Article VII provisions that would:

--   clarify that businesses that contract for the use of or benefit 
from telemarketing services are responsible for ensuring that the 
telemarketer which is serving as their agent is complying with the Do 
Not Call Registry statute;
--   eliminate the two-year experience requirement for prospective contractors 
who may bid on the contract to maintain the Do Not Call Registry;
--   exempt from provisions of the Do Not Call Registry statute, 
transactions involving sales over $25,000 which would require a face to 
face meeting to complete; and
--   change the structure of the Do Not Call Registry to include only the 
registrant's telephone number.
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