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Budget and program oversight under the jurisdiction of the Assembly Standing Committee on Veterans' Affairs


To review the budget and program implementation of Patriot Plans I,II and III initiatives related to veterans' issues.

Room 711-A
December 15, 2006
10:00 A.M.
Legislative Office Building
Albany, New York

The New York State Veterans' Affairs Committee has jurisdiction over certain programs associated with Patriot Plans I, II and III, which are intended to help returning veterans, who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Chapter 106 of the Laws of 2003 is commonly known as Patriot Plan I. Chapter 418 of the Laws of 2004 is commonly known as Patriot Plan II. Chapters 105, 256, 305, 425, 434 and 493 of the Laws of 2005 are commonly known as Patriot Plan III. This hearing shall be held in accordance to Rule IV, Section 4 (b), of the Rules of the Assembly.

Please see below for a list of subjects to which witnesses may direct their testimony.

Persons wishing to present pertinent testimony to the Committee at the above hearing should complete and return the reply form as soon as possible. It is important that the reply form be fully completed and returned so that persons may be notified in the event of an emergency postponement or cancellation.

Oral testimony will be limited to 10 minutes' duration.

Ten copies of any prepared testimony should be submitted at the hearing registration desk. The Committee would appreciate advance receipt of prepared statements.

In order to further publicize these hearings, please inform interested parties and organizations of the Committee's interest in hearing testimony from all sources.

In order to meet the needs of those who may have a disability, the Assembly, in accordance with its policy of non-discrimination on the basis of disability, as well as the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), has made its facilities and services available to all individuals with disabilities. For individuals with disabilities, accommodations will be provided, upon reasonable request, to afford such individuals access and admission to Assembly facilities and activities.

Hon. Felix W. Ortiz
Member of Assembly
Committee on Veterans' Affairs


  1. Patriot Plan I established the New York State Supplemental Burial Allowance. The Division of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) is required to implement this benefit. The allowance is a state allotment of not more than $6,000 paid to the surviving spouse, domestic partner, adult children, parents or other family members. How many families have applied for this benefit since this section of law was effective (September 29, 2003)? How much money has been distributed? What is the average amount of money a family has received?

  2. Patriot Plan I requires local veterans service agencies to assist families of members of the reserve components and the organized militia ordered into active duty. What has DVA done to implement this part of the Patriot Plan?

  3. Part of Patriot Plan I created the New York State Health Care Information Program, which is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Health. The Commissioner of Health was required under the law to consult with DVA to carry out the intent of this section of law. What did DVA contribute to the implementation of this program? Is there a link from the DVA website to the DOH website to help a veteran facilitate this health information?

  4. The Veterans' Education Program was moved in October 1997 to the jurisdiction of DVA. Does DVA consult with the State Department of Education on the implementation of several veterans scholarships: Awards for Children of Veterans, Veterans Tuition Awards (Vietnam veterans, Persian Gulf Veterans and Afghanistan Veterans) and the MERIT Plan?

  5. How many families have opted to take part in free access to video teleconferencing centers, which are available pursuant to Patriot Plan I? How does a family request a video teleconferencing call?

  6. Patriot Plan I directed the Commissioner of the State Education Department to develop, in cooperation with DVA, a program to facilitate articulation between participation in military service programs and admission to a profession in New York State. What is the status of implementation of this section of law? Has the list mandated by this section of law been developed and is it available to the public? If so, where can the public obtain this information?

  7. Chapter 434 of the Laws of 2005 created the New York State Veterans' Hall of Fame. What is the status of implementation of this act? Has it been determined how much money it will cost New York State to operate the Hall of Fame?

  8. Patriot Plan I established the Patriot Discount Program, which recognizes merchants, businesses or companies that provide reduced price discounts for merchandise and services for military personnel, including military reservists and national guard members. Is there a list of those merchants, businesses or companies that offer these services available to the public? Are you aware of any merchant, businesses or companies that provide this discount?

  9. Has the DVA heard any suggestions for additional legislation to improve Patriot Plans I,II, or III? If yes, please explain.

  10. Has the Division of Veterans' Affairs, in its budget request for 2007-2008 fiscal year, requested any additional funds to operate the agency? For what would the additional monies be earmarked? Has money been requested to carry out the provisions of Patriot Plans I, II or III that are under the jurisdiction of the Division of Veterans' Affairs?


Persons wishing to present testimony at the public hearing on the budget and program implementation of state agencies under the jurisdiction of the Assembly Standing Committee on Veterans' Affairs are requested to complete this reply form as soon as possible and mail it to:

Joanne Martin
Principal Analyst
Assembly Committee on Veterans' Affairs
22nd Floor-AESOB
Albany, New York 12248
Email: martinj@assembly.state.ny.us
Phone: (518) 455-4355
Fax: (518) 455-7250

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