Aileen Gunther

Committed to keeping our community safe

Aileen Gunther created new laws to crack down on sex offenders

Making a tough civil commitment law a reality

This year, the Legislature and governor came together to create a civil commitment law in New York (Ch. 7 of 2007). This new law will help keep the most dangerous sexual predators off our streets even after they finish their prison terms, and establish new, tougher sentences for persons convicted of sex crimes. To obtain information about sex offenders in your neighborhood, call 1-800-262-3257 or visit

Catching more sexual predators and criminals

Last year, the Assembly enacted strong laws to fix inadequate penalties for heinous sex crimes. Among these are laws that:

  • eliminate the criminal statute of limitations on Class B felony sex crimes - allowing criminal charges for these crimes to be brought years, or even decades, later (Ch. 3 of 2006)

  • expand the criminal DNA database to encompass all persons convicted of felonies and 18 key misdemeanors, including petit larceny and those that involve violence, threats of violence, menacing or stalking behavior (Ch. 2 of 2006) - helping police and prosecutors take criminals off our streets and better protect our communities

This year, working to expand the DNA database further, the Assembly passed legislation (A.8693) to:

  • require DNA samples from those convicted of all misdemeanors

  • allow for indictments of unknown assailants, and

  • institute measures to protect the innocent


Always Keep an Up-To-Date Record of Your Child’s Information and Description

In case of an emergency, it’s critically important to have readily available, up-to-date records of your children, including a recent photograph and physical description. This includes a Child Information Card. Clip this card and keep it for your files.

Child’s Name

Last First Middle


Child’s permanent address

Child’s School


Sex Race Date of Birth

Hair Color

Eye Color


Scars or Marks

Any Identifying Data

Clothing Sizes



Other - Attach a list of your child’s friends and their phone numbers and a recent copy of your child’s dental records (can be obtained from your dentist).

DNA Sample Attached here
(Several hair strands with roots and follicles intact)

Attach Most Recent Photo Here Today’s Date
Please spend a few minutes filling in the information. It will help you avoid wasting precious time if an emergency does occur. Children grow and change quickly, so you may need to update this sheet.
Finger Print Sheet

"With kids getting ready to head back to school, we have to be aware of the threat of sex offenders. The 2007 civil commitment law, which I sponsored, will help ensure that dangerous criminals stay out of our communities, off our streets, and away from our children."
Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther

To access the New York State Sex Offender Registry,
call toll-free (800) 262-3257 or visit

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