Assemblymember Wallace Pleased That Indoor Malls May Reopen Beginning Friday, July 10

Visitors must wear masks and abide by public health guidelines
July 9, 2020

“Shopping malls are economic drivers for the communities in which they sit, and that is certainly true for the Walden Galleria, which houses over 4,000 employees and contributes over $45 million in federal, state, local, and school taxes. That’s why I’ve been working with representatives of the mall and the governor’s office over the past few weeks to reach an agreement on the conditions and safety protocols necessary for the Walden Galleria to safely reopen. I’m delighted that an agreement has been reached, and I thank Governor Cuomo and his staff for their diligence and responsiveness to the needs of our community.

“As of July 10, shoppers in Western New York will be able to patronize their favorite shops at the Walden Galleria. When they do, I urge everyone to comply with the safety protocols set out by the owners of the Walden Galleria to ensure that infection rates remain under control.

“It’s crucial that visitors abide by these public health protocols and wear masks. There is worldwide scientific consensus that these simple measures significantly reduce the risk of transmitting COVID. If too many New Yorkers disregard these safety guidelines, we will see a COVID resurgence that could cause countless deaths, undo months of progress against the pandemic, and possibly necessitate renewed closures of malls and other businesses.”