Montesano: Gov. Cuomo Goes Off the Deep End

Assemblyman Michael Montesano (R,C,I-Glen Head) is condemning this morning’s rhetoric coming from Gov. Cuomo, after the governor called for an emergency press briefing shortly after President Trump announced he is looking to pull federal funds from “lawless” cities including NYC. The governor then went on to threaten the president should he ever come back to NYC, as well as making it clear that President Trump would not be welcomed by New Yorkers.

“The governor’s conduct as of recently has been completely outrageous,” said Montesano. “He really has gone off the deep end this time. While I don’t always agree with our president, I encourage him to call on the secret service for an immediate investigation into the governor’s threats, as what the governor did is not okay. He is already under investigation due to his actions taken during the COVID -19 pandemic in regard to nursing homes and assisted living facilities. It is obvious the governor realized he made a mistake; as he later began to walk back some of his comments about the president after the ending of his briefing. However, you cannot just make threats like that against the president and expect to get away with it like that. The clear threats the governor made this morning warrant an immediate investigation.”

The distinct threats Gov. Cuomo directed at the president during his press briefing today include stating the president would need an army to enter NYC and that there aren’t enough bodyguards to protect him in NYC. Additionally, the governor failed to address the city’s rising murder rates and desire to defund the police. In the same interview Gov. Cuomo blamed President Trump’s “negligence” as the reason for New York’s massive COVID-19 death toll yet the governor’s own administration has yet to release the full nursing home and assisted living facility death toll.