Montesano Pushes for Nursing Home Visits

Assemblyman Michael Montesano (R,C,I-Glen Head) is outraged at Gov. Cuomo’s lack of sympathy to residents of New York’s nursing homes by still not allowing visitors to see their loved ones. As of right now, while assisted living residents may have visitors, those in nursing homes are not allowed any visitors at all, even for outside visits.

“Cuomo doesn’t seem to care at all for nursing home residents,” said Montesano. “First it was forcing nursing homes to accept back patients from the hospital that had tested positive for COVID-19 and accepting new residents without testing, which put our senior population at a huge risk. Now he is still not allowing these people to see their families, which for some can be detrimental. Those with diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia may not understand why their family has not been to see them. I understand these are some of our most vulnerable population, but measures could be taken to at least allow outside visits. We can require all parties to wear face masks, stay 6-feet away from each other and even take temperatures of visitors prior to the meetings. There are so many ways to go about this. It’s not fair to keep these people locked up and away from their loved ones.”