Governor Kathy Hochul Signs Cusick Veterans Legislation on Veteran’s Day

Albany – Today Governor Kathy Hochul signed into law A6100, sponsored by Assemblyman Michael Cusick (D-Mid Island), requiring that intake forms at nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and homeless shelters include the question: “Have you ever served in the military?” This legislation, now state law, will provide the opportunity for US Military Veterans to identify themselves as such when they are admitted to resident facilities. The legislation aims to ensure that veterans are granted access to any and all resources and services to which they are entitled upon checking into a resident facility.

 “Unfortunately, our military veterans often do not take full advantage of the services available to them,” Assemblyman Cusick said. “Serving in the US Military entitles our vets to a wide variety of resources which can be extremely beneficial. Whether out of a lack of awareness or a lack of access, many of these resources often go untapped. Requiring resident facilities to inquire about prior military service on their intake forms will ensure that any veteran checking into one of these facilities will be identified and granted access to the resources and services available to them. Our veterans have sacrificed and given so much for our country and it is our responsibility to give them the resources they need. As we celebrate Veteran’s Day, I am thankful to Governor Hochul for signing this legislation out of a shared commitment to serve those who have served for us.”

The legislation (A6100) is sponsored by Senator Pete Harckham (D-Westchester) in the New York State Senate.