Assemblyman Charles D. Fall and Assemblyman Michael Cusick Secure $90,000 for Staten Island Zoo

Staten Island – Assemblyman Charles D. Fall (D-Richmond) and Assemblyman Michael Cusick (D-Richmond) visited staff, administration, and animals at the Staten Island Zoo after securing $90,000 for the zoo’s educational programming.

In the past, the Staten Island Zoo has had tens of thousands of students visit each year. As we continue to recover from COVID-19, we must ensure that our cultural institutions that serve our community have the resources to return to enriching the lives of the youth on the North Shore and Staten Island.

Assemblyman Charles D. Fall: “The Staten Island Zoo is an integral part of the Staten Island community and experience. I am proud that Assemblyman Cusick and I were able to secure funding to ensure that cultural institutions that are the bedrock of our communities have the resources to continue serving our community the same way that they did before this pandemic.”

Assemblyman Michael Cusick: “The Staten Island zoo is a staple of our community. The zoo is a beloved institution which has entertained and educated generations of Staten Islanders. I am glad that Assemblyman Fall and I were able to secure funding from the Assembly to assist the zoo in their efforts as they recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kenneth Mitchell, Executive Director of the Staten Island Zoo, “Thank you to Assemblyman Charles Fall and Assemblyman Michael Cusick for their continued support of the Staten Island Zoo and commitment to educational enrichment for our youth.”

“The Staten Island Zoo stands out among our borough’s many cultural gems as an educational, interactive, safe, and most of all, a fun place to spend a day with family and friends. Every day, countless Staten Islanders flow through the gates on Clove Road and while no two visits are alike, one thing is for certain: your Zoo experience leaves you with a strengthened love for animals and nature that, particularly among our young people, will serve them their whole lives. District Attorney Michael E. McMahon said. “The irreplaceable role that the Zoo plays in the lives of Staten Islanders is why I am so proud and grateful for the funds secured by Assemblyman Cusick and Assemblyman Fall. These dollars will fund educational programming so that the Staten Island Zoo, under the leadership of Executive Director Ken Mitchell, can continue to instill in our kids the importance of treating all living creatures with the kindness, care, and respect they deserve, an attitude that our Animal Cruelty Unit has revealed is tragically not shared by all our neighbors. I thank them for their advocacy on behalf of our borough and our animals, and look forward to seeing these funds make our Zoo even stronger.”