Assemblymember Cahill: News of Trump Family Separation Policy Hitting Kingston makes it Incumbent upon Congress to Act

June 20, 2018

Albany, NY – Assemblymember Kevin A. Cahill (D- Kingston) released the following statement on reports that a child separated from his or her family at the United States Border Crossing was being held in the City of Kingston:

“For weeks our nation has been has been gripped by stories of families being separated at the border by the zero tolerance policies of the Trump Administration and the failure of Congress to correct this grand tragedy. Reports that one of the children is being held in the City of Kingston now make this horror a local story. As the effects of this inhumane directive seep into our community, it is incumbent upon Congress and, in particular, Representative John Faso to take a stand against an administration that has, with the stroke of a pen, the authority to put an immediate end to this atrocity.

Some in Washington, including Congressman Faso, would join the Administration by grandstanding and holding these children hostage in a cynical attempt to lump bad policies in with the need for immediate action. Instead, our federal representatives should just rebuke this practice right now and call this out as the politically motivated crisis that it is.

This week a coalition of Assemblymembers wrote to the Trump Administration to add our voices to the roar that has overtaken our nation. Later today, many of us will rally together at the State Capitol to demand action by the Federal government. Although it is important that these families and our immigrant communities know that we stand behind them, our representatives in Congress are in the position of power and it is past time for them to act.

New York has always been a gateway for immigrants. Our history in that regard goes back over 400 years, longer than we have been a state. The failure of Congress to directly speak out and act against the inhumanity of the policies of President Trump makes them complicit in these actions that threaten the very sanctity of family,” stated Assemblymember Cahill.