Restore Net Neutrality in New York

February 6, 2018

Yes! I/we support Assemblyman Anthony Brindisiís efforts to return Net Neutrality to New York.

Recently the FCC voted to end the practice of Net neutrality, which prohibited Internet Service Providers from slowing down or speeding up Internet traffic of certain businesses, or prioritizing website content.

This could have a significant effect, stifling innovation, hurting entrepreneurs and small business owners, and hurting students and working families. The repeal of Net Neutrality could turn the Internet into a toll road that lowers Internet speed and limits access to certain websites.

I/we support Assemblyman Brindisiís efforts to bring back Net Neutrality, including his co-sponsorship of legislation (A.8882) requiring all state agencies, municipalities, and school districts to stop doing business with Internet Service Providers that are not net neutral. Repealing Net Neutrality will only benefit large corporations, and will hurt our stateís growth in the technology sector.

I/we support Assemblyman Anthony Brindisiís effort to protect Net Neutrality, and keep access to information on the Internet open to everyone.

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