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Sites Re-seen

New York State Council on the Arts

The Museum Program of the New York State Council on the Arts has announced a pilot funding project, "Sites Re-seen," which fosters collaboration between professional artists and historic houses and historic sites in New York State. "Sites Re-seen" will consider proposals from artists in all media. Projects should not illustrate history in the general literal sense; rather, they will incorporate history within artistic expression. Proposals must relate to the site's interpretive themes, and the completed project must be site-specific and accessible to the general public.
ELIGIBILITY: Applicants must be the nonprofit organization, not the artist.
FUNDING: A maximum of $3,000 is available for direct project costs and an artist honorarium. The Council anticipates supporting three to five projects in the program's pilot year.
DEADLINE: January 17, 2005 (postmark date).
FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit the Council's web site,

. . .On the Federal Level

Grants to Reduce Childhood Lead Poisoning

United States Environmental Protection Agency

The United States Environmental Protection Agency is soliciting grant proposals from eligible entities to conduct activities to reduce incidences of childhood lead poisoning in vulnerable populations, including projects to 1) address areas with high incidences of elevated blood-lead levels, 2) identify and address areas with high potential for heretorfore undocumented elevated blood-lead levels, 3) develop tools to address unique and challenging issues in lead poisoning prevention, and 4) identify tools that are replicable and scalable for other areas. Activities eligible for funding include outreach and public education, data gathering, monitoring, training, inspections and assessments, demonstrations, and new, innovative approaches for identifying or reducing lead poisoning.
ELIGIBILITY: State governments; public and state controlled institutions of higher education; Federally recognized Native American tribal governments; nonprofits (other than institutions of higher education) having a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS; private institutions of higher education; and individuals.
FUNDING: $750,000 estimated total funding, with up to 25 awards expected.
DEADLINE: January 31, 2005.
FOR MORE INFORMATION: For specific information regarding the application process, contact Lou Bevilacqua, the Environmental Protection Agency Regional Lead Contact, at the United States EPA, 2890 Woodbridge Avenue, Edison, New Jersey 08837; telephone number (732) 321-6671; fax number (732) 321-6757; e-mail

Legal Assistance for Victims Grant Program

United States Department of Justice

The Legal Assistance for Victims Grant Program is intended to increase the availability of legal assistance necessary to provide effective aid to victims of domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, or sexual assault who are seeking relief in legal matters arising as a consequence of that abuse or violence.
ELIGIBILITY: The program awards grants to law school legal clinics, legal aid or legal services programs, domestic violence victims' shelters, bar associations, sexual assault programs, private nonprofit entities, including faith-based and community-based organizations, and Indian tribal governments.
FUNDING: Contact the Department of Justice for details.
DEADLINE: January 25, 2005.

. . . Foundations and Organizations

2005 Preserve New York Grant Program

The Preservation League of New York State and the New York State Council on the Arts

The Preservation League of New York State and the New York State Council on the Arts announce the 2005 Preserve New York Grant Program. The program provides funding to municipalities and not-for-profit organizations, and supports three types of projects only: historic structure reports, historic landscape reports and cultural resource surveys. Through the program, the Preservation League, a statewide, not-for-profit organization, and the Council, the state's arts funding agency, seek to support efforts to plan for the preservation, restoration and rehabilitation of historic buildings and landscapes throughout the state. The Preservation League especially encourages projects that link preservation to smart growth land use planning; neighborhood and "Main Street" revitalization; preservation initiatives along rural roads and other historic transportation corridors; and projects that involve the continued use of historic municipal buildings and historic bridges.
ELIGIBILITY: Municipalities and not-for-profit organizations with 501(c)(3) status are eligible to apply unless they are applying for funding directly from the New York State Council on the Arts' Architecture, Planning and Design Program (APD) for another project in 2005. Groups are limited to one project with APD support per year. State agencies and religious institutions are ineligible for support. Groups that previously received funding through this grant program must have successfully completed their projects to be eligible for the 2005 grant round. The grant panel members will evaluate: architectural and historic significance of the building, landscape or area; the need for the project and for financial support at this time; the applicant group's ability to carry out the project within a stated schedule; the applicant group's ability to raise sufficient funds to complete the project; the appropriateness of the project budget and consultant(s); extent of local support for the project; and the likelihood that significant restoration or planning work will result.
FUNDING: A total of $76,600 is available and will be split among all three project types. Grants are likely to range between $3,000 and $15,000 each. No formal financial match is required, however, the Preservation League and the New York State Council on the Arts expect to see a project budget that reflects the applicant's meaningful commitment to the project. Please note that it is unlikely that this program will be able to provide full support for any project. It is also expected that the consultant fee structure reflects the applicant's understanding of the value of these professional services.
DEADLINE: Applications must be postmarked no later than Monday, May 2, 2005. Please follow the directions included in the application for assembling the packets.
FOR MORE INFORMATION: Forms are not available online. If your organization and project meet these guidelines, contact the League to discuss your project and receive an application form: Tania G. Werbizky, Director, Technical and Grant Programs, (607) 272-6510 or Lorraine E. Weiss, Program Manager, (518) 462-5658, ext. 12, or

Quality of Life Grants

Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation

The Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation is committed to funding research that develops treatments and cures for paralysis caused by spinal cord injury and other central nervous system disorders. The foundation also works to improve the quality of life for people living with disabilities through its grants program, paralysis resource center, and advocacy efforts. Two types of grants are offered, one that supports nonprofit organizations that address the needs of persons living with spinal cord injuries, their families, and caregivers, and one that offers health promotion awards to nonprofit organizations that address paralysis caused by spinal cord injuries and various other injuries, diseases, and birth defects.
ELIGIBILITY: Nonprofit organizations that have received tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code and are not private foundations.
FUNDING: The foundation has provided $5.6 million in grants since 1999, with grants awarded in amounts up to $25,000.
DEADLINE: March 1, 2005.
FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit the Foundation's web site,

Youth Nutrition and Fitness Grants

General Mills Champions Program

The General Mills Foundation and the American Dietetic Association Foundation are partnering to improve youth nutrition and fitness through the General Mills Champion Program. The initiative consists of grants to community-based groups, with the goal of encouraging communities to improve the eating and physical activity patterns of young people, ages 2-20.
ELIGIBILITY: Grants will be awarded to 501(c)(3) and 509(a) not-for profit organizations, health departments, government agencies, schools and school districts, and Native American tribes working with communities that demonstrate the greatest need and likelihood of sustainable impact on young people's nutrition and activity levels.
FUNDING: The Foundation will award fifty $10,000 grants.
DEADLINE: February 1, 2005.
FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit If you have questions after reviewing the grant application form and background resources, you may contact Elisabeth Puga by phone at (312) 899-4803 or by e-mail at

Clean Water Grant Program

BoatU.S. Foundation

The BoatU.S. Foundation, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting safe and environmentally sensitive boating, is accepting applications for its 2005 Clean Water Grant Program. The 2005 "focus topic" is reducing the spread of aquatic nuisance species. All applications that educate boaters about reducing their impact on the environment while boating will be considered, but applications with a majority of the project devoted to the focus group will be given preferential treatment.
BoatU.S. Foundation Clean Water Grants are designed to help educate boaters on issues such as petroleum pollution prevention, pumpout education, littering prevention, and other clean boating topics.
ELIGIBILITY: Non-profit, volunteer organizations.
FUNDING: Grants of up to $4,000 are available.
DEADLINE: February 1, 2005
FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit for program guidelines and application materials.

. . . Grant Writing

The Grantsmanship Center

The Grantsmanship Training Program is coming to New York State: New York (lower Manhattan), January 24-28, 2005, hosted by Institute for Community Living. The class will be conducted by The Grantsmanship Center and is kept at a maximum of 30 participants. The cost is $825, which includes one-year enrollment in the TGCI Membership Program. A limited number of half-tuition scholarships are available to agencies with annual budgets of less than $300,000. To register, or to apply for a scholarship, contact TGCI at (800) 421-9512 or visit For local information and arrangements, call Ben Sher at (212) 385-3030, x198.

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