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Homeowner Protections in Manufactured Home Parks


To examine existing homeowner protections and determine if more could be done to protect those who own homes within manufactured home parks.

Board Room, Riverhead Town Hall
October 26, 2007
11:00 am
200 Howell Ave, Riverhead, NY 11901

The vast majority of manufactured homeowners rent the lots on which their homes are placed. Manufactured homeowners invest thousands of dollars in their manufactured homes, most of which are not, in fact, intended to be moved once they are settled. Moreover, because of restrictive zoning laws, only a limited number of vacant lots are available. It generally costs a manufactured homeowner thousands of dollars to move a home, provided he or she can find somewhere to place it and assuming the home is capable of being moved without suffering severe damage. As a result, manufactured homeowners find themselves in a precarious and unequal bargaining position with the park owner. This lack of bargaining power disrupts the normal operation of market forces and renders such manufactured homeowners captive to whatever terms a manufactured home park owner may choose to impose.

Please see the list of subjects to which witnesses may direct their testimony, and for a description of the bills that will be discussed at the hearing.

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Vito J. Lopez
Member of Assembly
Committee on Housing


  1. What recourse do manufactured homeowners who live in manufactured home parks have when presented with an increase in lot rents? Should homeowners be protected from rent increases? Under what circumstances should they be protected? If so, will A.7985 (Alessi) provide adequate protection?

  2. What protections do manufactured homeowners have when the park they live in is put up for sale? Should homeowners within the park have a right of first refusal for the purchase of the park? If so, will A.2123 (John) provide that right effectively? What other protections should be put in place for homeowners when a park is offered for sale?

  3. What other measures could the legislature take to provide more protections for homeowners within manufactured home parks?


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