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An Update for Westchester County

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Travel Safe This Holiday Season
Help Stop DWI in Westchester County
Greg Ball is proud to announce that his efforts to crack down on DWI have now gained the attention of Assembly leaders. New legislation passed the Assembly to make it a felony to drive with a passenger who is a child under the age of 15, while intoxicated with a blood alcohol content of .08, subjecting the defendant to a possible prison sentence of up to 1-1/3 to 4 years for a first offense. This is the toughest sentence in the nation for any first time DWI offense with a child passenger.

Greg has been leading the charge in Putnam County to enact zero tolerance common-sense laws to keep our roads safe from drunk drivers. He announced the formation of a new coalition of law enforcement, elected officials and business owners who came together to crack down on DWI.

Together with the Putnam coalition, Greg announced the Zero Tolerance Plan, which includes local and state legislation to heighten penalties for driving under the influence as well as create awareness and prevention education programs for bartenders through the Putnam Sheriff’s office. To learn more about the plan and how you can help bring the plan to Westchester County, e-mail Greg at

This holiday season, please remember to always have a designated driver or safe ride home.

Update: Strides Made for Autism
This year was a landmark year in terms of getting Albany lawmakers’ attention focused on Autism. Greg introduced historic legislation to ensure all children affected with Autism have health insurance. This bill gained bipartisan support thanks to his legislative lobby day and by him hosting the first-ever statewide legislative conference on Autism at the State Capitol.

To help promote research and services for children with Autism in our area, Greg delivered two state grants for the Devereux Millwood Learning Center totaling $30,000, and for his efforts to increase awareness of Autism, our Assemblyman was honored by the Foundation for Educating Children with Autism.

Protecting Our Jobs
Greg’s efforts to protect the current and former employees laid off by IBM gained a lot of media attention this year, but there was much more work done behind the scenes to improve our regional economy as well. Greg worked with local chambers of commerce to help small businesses increase profits and create jobs in the Hudson Valley.

One of Greg’s bills, A.5677, would help keep jobs in our state by prohibiting the state from giving taxpayer-funded incentives to businesses that offshore jobs. This bill would prevent companies like IBM from receiving $50 billion in taxpayer dollars while outsourcing American jobs.

Update for Westchester County

License Plate Mandate Halted
When the Governor announced his plan for DMV fees to be increased, and mandated new plates starting in April 2010, Greg Ball was one of the first to openly oppose this unnecessary and expensive mandate. After months of rallying against the plan, the Governor agreed to rescind the new plate mandate...for now.

Greg would like to thank the public and Dutchess County Clerk Bradford Kendall for helping stop this plan! Let’s keep working against future enactment of this unnecessary mandate!

MTA Mobility Tax Hits
Earlier this summer, business owners were hit with their first Mobility Tax bills. This new tax, imposed on all employers, was created as a new revenue source for the MTA and Greg has been leading the effort to rescind this unnecessary and job-killing tax. Greg continues to call for an independent forensic audit of the MTA. Call Greg’s office at 845-279-5301 to learn how you can sign Greg’s online petition calling for an immediate and independent audit.

We Need Affordable Housing
We need more affordable housing. But the federal government’s plan to bring in low-income tenants to Northern Westchester is not the right plan. Greg knows that what we need are solutions that address the needs of residents currently living here. In addition to fighting this plan, Greg was successful in stopping the unfair taxation of condo properties in our region (A.4588-A).

Thanks to Greg’s pressure, the senate sponsor pulled the bill from the agenda, preventing it from becoming law. We need to keep up the pressure to ensure this bill is not introduced again.

Greg Delivers for Local Veterans
As the former Ranking Minority Member of the Assembly Veterans’ Affairs Committee, Greg is passionate about protecting veterans. In addition to helping pass landmark legislation, such as the Veterans Tuition Program, Greg also delivered a $14,000 state grant to the Mahopac Veterans of Foreign Wars Post, $5,000 state grant for Brewster’s VFW Post 672, $2,000 state grant for Putnam Lake Am Vets, $7,000 in state grants for the Mahopac American Legion, and a $5,000 state grant for the Wounded Warrior Project.


Update for Westchester County
2010 Internship Program
Greg is now accepting applications for his 2010 Internship Program. Internships are volunteer positions; however, interns may qualify for high school or college credit. Interns are always needed. Those interested should call Greg’s office at 845-279-5301 to apply.
2009 Legislative Wrap-Up
This legislative year, Greg sponsored over 380 pieces of legislation, many of which are original bills drafted to address the specific needs of our community.

New Law Enacted to Help Firefighters

Greg sponsored legislation that helped save our local fire departments time and money by allowing qualified and trained persons, such as volunteer firefighters, to operate a fire truck without possessing a commercial driver’s license: this bill became a law.

Legislation Passes to Help Those with Disabilities

Greg is proud to have sponsored many pieces of legislation to assist those living with disabilities and thrilled that some of these bills were passed this year, including to: clearly mark handicapped parking spots; improve access to handicapped parking spaces; and require buildings to establish emergency evacuation plans for the disabled.
Some Other IMPORTANT Bills Drafted by Our Assemblyman

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