Assemblyman Nick Perry
Good News
Nick Perry

In this year’s budget
you get a smooth, resurfaced street

Resurfacing Makes Safer Streets for You and Your Family

Dear Friend:

I am pleased to announce that, working with the volunteer members of your local community board, we have been successful in getting your street approved for resurfacing in this year’s budget. Smooth streets are safer for driving, and certainly improve the quality of life in our community.

By the time you receive this good news, your street may have already been milled and resurfaced, but if it has not yet been completed, you can look forward to having it done within the next few weeks.

Sometimes during resurfacing, curbs and sidewalks get damaged by the contractor. To insure proper compliance by the contractor to repair any damages, it is very important that complaints be filed before the contractor is paid by the city. Please contact my office immediately at (718) 385-3336, if any damage has been done to the curbs and/or sidewalks on your block, especially in front of your home. Thank you for this opportunity to serve you.

Working for You,
N. Nick Perry
Member of Assembly