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Dear Constituent,

Happy New Year! This is the cheerful greeting, and usually warm expression of good will and genuine good wishes that we’ll receive for at least the next few weeks. And certainly, as your representative in the State Assembly , it’s a great pleasure for me to extend to you and your family my very best and warmest wishes for a Happy New Year.

May all your efforts be successful, and may this be the year that the dreams you’ve had for a long time will finally come true. May God’s blessings be yours, bountiful and unlimited, and may the good lord keep you and all your loved ones safe, in the best of health, and prosperous.

On January 9, 2008, the New York Legislature will convene to receive the governor’s message and begin the legislative session. If you have kept up with news about the economy, you will surely know that the money situation has tightened and the State is expecting a big downturn in annual tax revenues. This will mean that budget cuts will be on the agenda and reaching an agreement to complete an "on-time budget" will be more challenging.

Over the years, in both good times and bad, I’ve fought to ensure that our neighborhoods and our communities come through the process without getting shortchanged. I assure you that during this year’s budget process, you will have a strong voice and a fighter at the table, working with my colleagues, always championing your cause.

Please take a little time to read this brief report, which also includes helpful information that will hopefully help improve your quality of life. As usual, I urge you again to communicate with me, so that I will always be aware of your concerns, again, a very Happy New Year to you.

Working for You,
N. Nick Perry
Member of Assembly

Sidewalk Repair Update
Perry Adds More Funds to
Fix Broken Sidewalks in District
Over $300,000 Committed to Repair Program
photo At an average savings of over $3,000 per homeowner, sidewalks like the one pictured above will be repaired at no cost to the homeowners thanks to Assemblyman Perry’s Sidewalk Repair Program.

Due to overwhelming requests from homeowners, Assemblyman Nick Perry has agreed to increase the initial $200,000 allocation to over $300,000 for the sidewalks damaged by trees repair program in the 58th Assembly District.

Although the city funds its own sidewalk heaving repair program that covers all five boroughs, the amount the city allocates annually can only go towards fixing the very severely damaged sidewalks that score at the top of the range set by the city to qualify for repair.

The city evaluates requests and damaged sidewalks are judged on a 1-100 scale. If your sidewalk isn’t rated at over ninety, it’s unlikely they will ever get to your request.

By funding the heaving program, just for the homeowners in the 58th Assembly District, Assemblyman Perry hopes to eventually help homeowners fix all the sidewalks damaged by city-owned trees in the district. It is estimated that this will cost over half a million dollars, so the current allocation of over $300,000 should provide a real significant savings to homeowners who can still call in and get their sidewalk added to the list, and approved for repair.

With the funding process almost complete, contracts should soon be signed to begin repair work in the spring of this year.

from Assemblyman Perry

Perry Helps Bring Senior Center Back with $175,000 Grant
photo Working for You: Assemblyman Nick Perry with elected colleagues and local community leaders at a meeting with NYC Commissioner of the Department for the Aging Edwin Mendez-Santiago. From L to R, Councilman Kendall Stewart, Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein, CB 17 Social Services Committee Chair Renee Smith, CB 17 Chairman Lloyd Mills, Commissioner Mendez-Santiago, Assemblyman Perry and CB 17 District Manager Sherif Fraser.

For more than two years seniors living in the area served by Community Board 17 were forced to travel long distances to find a publicly funded senior center. Publicly funded senior centers are a vital resource that every community deserves, and seniors should not have to travel far distances out of their neighborhoods and communities to search for such services.

For more than two years senior citizens living in Community Board 17 were forced to do just that, because of situations that forced the closing of centers previously serving the community and the relocation of the last remaining center to another district.

The need to correct this inequity was made a primary issue by Community Board 17, and brought to the attention of Assemblyman Nick Perry during a meeting with Community Board 17 member Renee Smith. Assemblyman Perry responded immediately, using all the influence and pressure that could be brought from his office to bring about the earliest solution to this problem. Recognizing that working together would strengthen the effort, Assemblyman Perry brought together his elected colleagues representing the area, along with members of Community Board 17, organizing a meeting with Commissioner Edwin Mendez-Santiago of the NYC Department for the Aging. At the meeting Commissioner Mendez-Santiago gave the community leaders his assurance that a long overdue senior center would soon be returning to the Community.

Assemblyman Perry is proud to announce that on this past July 1st, the Remsen Senior Center reopened at 650 Remsen Avenue at the corner of Avenue A. "It is our obligation as a community to provide for our senior citizens," said Assemblyman Perry. "Our senior population is the foundation upon which our families and communities have been built; we owe it to them to provide adequate and convenient services and facilities which are in good condition to provide the right environment for senior activities.

Assemblyman Perry has committed $175,000 in capital funds for building improvements and renovations to the site. Because the center will also serve seniors from the adjoining 41 Assembly District, Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein has committed an additional $25,000 which will allow for a total of $200,000 of capital improvements to the site.

Going to College next September?
Tuition Free Scholarship to SUNY Maritime College Available From Assemblyman Perry

Assemblyman Nick Perry is accepting applications to nominate an eligible student for a full tuition, four-year scholarship to SUNY Maritime College under the Cadet Appointment Program.

The Cadet Appointment Program allows each member of the Assembly to nominate one candidate per year for a Maritime College scholarship. Nominees must be New York State residents for at least one year prior to nomination, and: be within one year of graduating from high school or have a high school diploma or GED; have a combined SAT score of at least 1200, have a combined high school GPA of at least 90 percent; demonstrate evidence of leadership skills through extracurricular activities and school/community involvement.

SUNY Maritime College - founded in 1874 - and located in the Bronx, is the oldest and most prestigious maritime college in the nation. Maritime specializes in engineering and science, and has an undergraduate placement rate of 100 percent. Maritime cadets earn their licenses as officers in the U.S. Merchant Marine, as well as A.A., B.S., or B.E. degrees, and are eligible for Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, National Guard, Oceanography and Atmospheric Administration, or Coast Guard commissions.

For more information on this exciting scholarship opportunity contact Assemblyman Nick Perry at (718) 385-3336.

MY TURN Program at Kingsborough Community College offers

It’s never too late to go back to school and Assemblyman Perry wants to share good news with senior citizens who might want to pursue a college degree.

The MY TURN Program at Kingsborough Community College (KCC) allows seniors over the age of 60 to take any course at the college tuition free. MY TURN students are integrated into the regular student body and can pursue a degree or attend classes non-matriculated.

More than 400 courses are available to MY TURN students, and all facilities including the library, gym, pool and private beach at KCC are open to MY TURN students as well.

All New York State residents over 60 are eligible. There are no previous educational requirements. An $80.00 registration fee is required.

For more information on this exciting program, contact Assemblyman Nick Perry at (718) 385-3336.

Honoring the Leaders of Tomorrow at P.S. 398

Assemblyman Perry recently visited P.S. 398-Walter Weaver Elementary School in East Flatbush to swear-in the elected members of the student government, each of whom was presented with a NYS Assembly Certificate of Merit.

Being part of the student government exposes these young leaders to the good practices of participation in government. Their active involvement helps them learn the importance of voting and the important role of participation in preserving our Democracy. Assemblyman Perry administered an oath of office to each student.

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