Assemblyman Perry

FALL 2005


Dear Constituent:

Greetings and best wishes to you. The summer is over and hopefully for you and your loved ones, it was safe and enjoyable.

As you get busy and start preparing for the cold, less exciting months remaining in the year, I encourage you, and hope that you will take a little time to read this report. Please bear in mind as you read that this is just a summary of the numerous activities I’m involved in as your representative in the Assembly.

This year’s session, which ended in June, was historic as we finally passed an on time budget, after 20 years of failing to meet the constitutional deadline. The budget authorized New York State spending of $105 billion.

I am pleased to report that, notwithstanding the obstacle of the recent court decision that gave almost super budget power to the governor, the legislature was successful in rejecting Pataki’s efforts to raise tuition and cut the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP), while also eliminating access programs for higher education. Because there isn’t enough space to list more budget information, I urge you to call me, if you have questions. I do invite and appreciate your phone calls and visits which keep me in touch and help make me your true representative.

Thank you for your support and this opportunity to serve you.

Working for You,

Pressures City to Complete Ped-Ramp Project

The Americans with Disabilities Act passed several years ago requires that the city make its sidewalks fully accessible to people in wheelchairs or with other disabilities. Parents pushing baby carriages would also find sidewalks more friendly to navigate. The city has not been in full compliance, even though money has been made available, both through federal funds, and $800,000 allocated by Assemblyman Perry, to ensure that ped-ramps are installed at all intersections in our community. Assemblyman Perry has made it a priority to pressure the city to release the contracts to get the job done.

"Our streets need these repairs. Our community needs these ped-ramps, and other improvements that will enhance our quality of life. Many of our streets also have damaged curbs or none at all, and we must promptly fix this problem that creates unsafe conditions for pedestrians," said Assemblyman Perry after touring the 58th A.D. and observing missing and broken curbs. "These renovations will make our blocks safe and beautiful again."

While sidewalks are the responsibility of the homeowners, the curbs are not, and the city has neglected its duty by not providing sufficient funding for curb repairs in its budget. Having observed the numerous broken curbs in our neighborhoods, Assemblyman Perry has allocated $750,000 to fund a pilot program that will replace broken and missing curbs within the 58th A.D. This will compliment the installation of the ped-ramps. If you have missing or damaged curbs on your street, please call Assemblyman Perry’s district office (718) 385-3336 to report the curbs which are in need of repair, so that they can be added to the list for the pilot program. The pilot program will continue until all funds are exhausted.


Legislation introduced in the last session by Assemblyman Perry in response to calls from parents to make traveling conditions to and from school safer for students.

Assembly bill A7795, appropriately named "The School Safety Act" will create traffic safety zones within a 200 yard radius around all schools in New York City. The School Safety Act has been passed in the State Senate and currently remains in consideration in the Assembly’s transportation committee.

Penalties for traffic violations in these zones would be doubled as a result of careless driving. These increased fines will serve as a deterrent to potential reckless drivers and decrease the chance of the motor vehicle tragedies that too often befall our children.

"Motor vehicle accidents continue to be a leading cause of death, taking the lives of many children as they travel to and from school," said Assemblyman Perry. "As a legislator I am compelled to do something to address this serious problem. In addition to improving the quality of education, it is critical that we create the safest possible travel."


In a bold move to eliminate potential sentencing injustices, Assemblyman Nick Perry and his colleagues have decided not to move legislation regarding the death penalty to a floor vote. Although not a final ruling, the legislature insured that a new death penalty law would not be considered until next year.

"The gross inequalities prevalent in the administering of the death penalty far overshadow any potential benefits that having a death penalty might possess," said Assemblyman Perry.

  • A.3812- Requires hospitals and clinics, and any site where health care is provided, to inform patients of the provisions of the abandoned infant protection act. (signed into law)
  • A.3740- Provides that no person shall operate a school bus for which there are no applicable federal school bus safety standards unless all occupants are restrained by a safety belt approved by the commissioner of motor vehicles; establishes penalties for violations. (Passed Assembly)
  • A. 5830- Creates Shirley Chisholm day in New York. Makes her birthday, November 30, a statewide day of commemoration. (signed into law)
  • A.3821-Provides for a checkoff on personal income tax return forms for taxpayers to contribute to the New York library supplemental aid fund for direct aid to public library systems and school district library systems in the county where the taxpayer resides. (Passed Assembly)
  • A.3814- Prohibits the charging of a deductible when a driver, through no fault of his or hers, is in an accident with an emergency vehicle. (Passed Assembly)


photo Assemblyman Nick Perry has introduced a bill (A7793) that will require high level sex offenders to be fitted with GPS monitoring devices upon release from prison.

The device would track sex offenders’ movements, making it easier for law enforcement to discover any efforts by sex offenders to commit new offenses.

"Such technological capabilities will assist in lessening the chances of these predators attacking again," said Assemblyman Perry. "We must do this in an effort to stop any tragic event, like the incidents we see too often in the news, from occurring in New York."

To further protect children from sex offenders, Assemblyman Perry has also introduced legislation (A7937) that will require landlords to post a notice near every entranceway regarding access to the sex offender registry.


A bill sponsored by Assemblyman Nick Perry to make Shirley Chisholm’s birthday, November 30, a statewide day of commemoration was recently signed into law by the Governor. The new law will also require the development of an optional curriculum by local school districts.

"We must maintain the legacy of this trailblazing daughter of Brooklyn," said Perry. "This law will assure that her message will continue to inspire future generations and her innovative spirit and relentless fight against injustice will live on."

Assemblyman Perry has proposed a scholarship in the name of Shirley Chisholm to commemorate her legacy. The scholarship would be available annually to a female student interested in public service, attending Brooklyn College, both Chisholm’s and Perry’s alma mater.


As the crackdown on our community continues by the Department of Buildings (DOB), all homeowners must be fully aware of their rights as a homeowner in an attempt to avoid violations which are handed out with large fines. Many homeowners in our community have been charged with making an illegal conversion. Typical illegal conversions include finishing the basement or converting the garage into an apartment to create more habitable space without proper permits. Below are some Do’s and Don’ts in order to help protect you from a costly violation.

  • Do use a licensed contractor to do all major renovations in your home. To check the license of your contractor call the Department of Consumer Affairs at 311 or visit them online at
  • DOB inspectors need your permission or a warrant to inspect the interior of your home.
  • Do seek legal advice before allowing any DOB inspectors to inspect your home.
  • Do obtain required permits, or ask contractors to do so, for any major renovations in your home, such as adding a deck, major plumbing or electrical work.
  • City law requires that homes do display street addresses clearly on the property.
  • Don’t store derelict vehicles on residential property; this is strictly prohibited in New York City and you can be ticketed and fined.

For more information on avoiding DOB fines and violations please call my office at (718) 385-3336

smiley face


Assemblyman Nick Perry will be taking to the streets in the coming months with his "Cheer Up Brooklyn and Smile" campaign. Join Assemblyman Perry and say hello to and smile with neighbors and others you meet on your way to work in the morning.

Remember, they say it takes more effort to frown than it does to smile, so why not smile and spread some cheer with Assemblyman Nick Perry.

Assemblyman Perry Launches Aggressive Campaign to Fix-Up Brooklyn’s Subway Stations
photo Assemblyman Perry examines peeling lead-based paint and exposed wiring facing commuters at the Newkirk Avenue Station on the 2 line.

Assemblyman Nick Perry has launched a campaign to get the MTA and NYC Transit to fix up Brooklyn’s subway stations, especially the ones which serve his district. Assemblyman Perry has spent time recently conducting fact-finding trips to many area subway stations including Newkirk Avenue, Rockaway Parkway and Rutland Road/Sutter Avenue stations.

Assemblyman Perry was outraged to find such deplorable conditions at stations that serve all parts of the 58th Assembly District.

"I was shocked and appalled by the hazardous conditions that I witnessed on my walkthrough of these highly utilized stations within my district," said Assemblyman Perry. "The people of Brooklyn should not be forced to endure or be exposed to such risky commuting conditions as consumers of our subway system."

Assemblyman Perry’s campaign comes on the heels of the MTA’s announcement of the redeployment of nearly 200 skilled workers out of the area. The MTA claims there is not enough work needed in our area stations to keep these workers. Assemblyman Perry is calling on the MTA to use these skilled workers to immediately repair these hazards.

Assemblyman Perry has invited MTA officials to tour and see the dreadful condition of the stations, and begin discussions immediately to give Brooklyn its fair share of capital expenditures to fix its subway stations. Please call MTA Chairman Peter Kalikow at (212) 878-7200 and tell him you want to help Assemblyman Nick Perry fix up Brooklyn’s subway stations.

Attention Canarsie Residents
Want An Exercise Program in your Neighborhood?

Assemblyman Nick Perry currently funds an exercise program that runs from Memorial Day through the end of September at Paedergat Park in East Flatbush from 6am-8am. The extremely successful exercise program is attended by over 100 participants each weekday morning.

Assemblyman Perry is currently exploring the idea of funding a similar program in the Canarsie part of the district. If you live in the 58th AD in Canarsie and are interested in having a Community Health & Fitness program in your local park, please contact Assemblyman Nick Perry at (718) 385-3336.

Around the District with

photo Career Day: Assemblyman Nick Perry spent career day with the students of PS 233, encouraging them to become interested in a future career in public service.

Perry Proposes Lasting Tribute for Slain Detectives of the 67th Pct.

Snyder Avenue between Utica and Nostrand Avenues will be named "Detectives Robert Parker and Patrick Raferty Avenue" under a proposal by Assemblyman Perry. The two detectives were gunned down in the line of duty just around the corner from Assemblyman Perry’s District Office in September of 2004.

"These two brave heroes, who made the ultimate sacrifice in protecting our community and ensuring our safety are certainly deserving of this fitting tribute as a lasting memory to their dedication to duty, service, and community," said Assemblyman Perry.

photo Prime Minister of Trinidad/Tobago Patrick Manning is joined by Deputy Borough President Yvonne Graham and Assemblyman Perry at a celebration of the anniversary of the Trinidad/Tobago independence at Borough Hall.


photo Assemblyman Nick Perry announced at the VIP breakfast before the West Indian Day Parade on Labor Day an allocation of $250,000 in capital funds towards an initiative that will provide for the West Indian community the Carlos Lezama Archives & Caribbean Cultural Center (CLACC-C). CLACC-C will be established with the mission to further preserve West Indian culture and history. The $250,000 will be used to kick off the efforts to raise capital to acquire 1028 St. John’s Place and make renovations to transform it into the home of CLACC-C.

"I am extremely proud and honored to be able to assume such an active role in making this dream of a Caribbean-American cultural center a reality," said Assemblyman Nick Perry, whose 58th Assembly District is home to a population in which 65 percent of the residents are of Caribbean descent. "I look forward to seeing CLACC-C develop into a vehicle through which the West Indian-American community can significantly share its culture, and most importantly connecting second generation West Indian-Americans to their Caribbean Heritage."

The cultural center will be named in honor of Carlos Lezama, the man responsible for the development of the now wildly popular Labor Day carnival in New York. The center will be located in the former residence of Carlos Lezama. The house was also once home to the late Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm, an icon within both the African-American and Caribbean-American communities.

The center will maintain workshops and an after school program, and teach and promote Caribbean art. The center will also house many exhibits including Carlos Lezama memorabilia and costumes, and host lectures educating the community on the significance of Caribbean-American history. The archives of Carlos Lezama will display how Mr. Lezama transformed the once small street gathering into the largest parade in the USA. Assemblyman Perry is the only West Indian born member of the New York State Legislature.

(718) 385-3336