Good News from Assemblyman N. Nick Perry - Infogram

Perry Sponsors Bill That Would Eliminate
Citizenship Requirements for NYPD & FDNY

photo Assemblyman Nick Perry, Chair of the Majority Conference, calls for the elimination of citizenship requirements for the FDNY and NYPD.
Assemblyman Nick Perry hosted a press conference Sunday, April 3rd, 2005 at City Hall to announce his support for removing citizenship requirements for police and firefighters in New York City.

Councilman David Yassky joined Assemblyman Perry at the press conference as both are proposing bills in their respective legislatures that would enable non-citizen residents to become members of the NYPD and FDNY. Current law prohibits non-citizens from holding such jobs.

"It is unacceptable that under current law, men and women can defend our country on battlefields across the globe in the military, however these same men and women cannot put out a fire in East Flatbush or help prevent a crime in Brownsville," said Assemblyman Perry.

"Passage of this bill (A.6531) would result in a police force that would better reflect the population which they serve, thus resulting in an improved police department" said Assemblyman Perry. "The Fire Department which is in dire need of diversity would also be well served by this bill.

"Most of all, this bill will increase the number of possible applicants for such public service jobs, therefore providing a better pool of candidates for the city to choose from."

On-Time Budget!

For the first time in his 13 years in the NYS Legislature Assemblyman Perry was part of a budget that was delivered on time.

"While it is nice that we passed the budget on time, it was more imperative to me that we provided the people of New York with a budget that will meet their wants and needs," said Assemblyman Nick Perry. "An issue quite important to me this year was maintaining the availability of higher education. It had come under attack by the governor, and called for our utmost protection.

"We needed to defend access to a college degree and we did that. We rejected Governor Pataki’s SUNY/CUNY tuition increase and his plan for automatic tuition hikes each year," said Assemblyman Perry. "In the grand scheme of things this is what is important. It is the content of this year’s budget that should be applauded, not so much its timeliness."

Perry Hails Pope John Paul II as a Great Moral Leader

Assemblyman Nick Perry joined countless others across the world who mourned the recent death of Pope John Paul II.

"Pope John Paul II was a wonderful man who is most deserving of our fond remembrance. He is in my thoughts and prayers" said Assemblyman Perry. "The Pope was a great leader who transcended religious boundaries, and spread the word of peace to all people. His pacifist voice will be missed."