Millman Addresses the 76th Precinct's New Officers

This month Assemblywoman Joan L. Millman addressed eight new police officers who have joined the NYPD's 76th Precinct in Carroll Gardens. The Assemblywoman welcomed the officers to the district and wished them the best of luck in their new assignments.

"The residents you will encounter think very highly of the men and women of the NYPD who serve their neighborhoods. Parents raise their children to treat officers with respect and to ask them for help if they need something" said Assemblywoman Millman. She noted that "many of the problems you will likely encounter will be quality of life issues as opposed to issues related to violent crime."

The Assemblywoman joined Captain John Lewis in explaining the diversity and needs of the district. She noted that during a previous ride along with the precinct, she observed two officers who stopped to help a woman change a flat tire. "It was something they were not required to do, but they did it anyway. Acts like this are greatly appreciated by members of the community."

Documentary about the YWCA

On January 21 I was interviewed by a team of film makers who are making a documentary about the YWCA, an important neighborhood institution for several decades. I have long admired the YWCA for their service to the community and for never forgetting their mission, which is to serve women in Brooklyn. I look forward to seeing the film when it is completed.

Keep Up With Legislative and Community News

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Forum on Empowering the Elderly

On January 28 I co-sponsored a forum on "Empowering Communities to Care for the Elderly," hosted by Senator Velmanette Montgomery. The forum took place at the YWCA community room and included speakers from the New York State Office or the Aging, the New York City Department for the Aging and AARP. The forum aimed to help community organizations and the seniors they serve. Forum presentations focused on exploring models and resources to support aging in place, applying for funding through the NYS Office for the Aging and the NYC Department for the Aging and giving seniors information on changes to Medicaid and Medicare based on the Federal Health reform Act.

My district is home to many seniors and many community groups that assist seniors and I was pleased to join Senator Montgomery in sponsoring this event with the objective of bringing current information about entitlements and programs to the district. By inviting experts from city and state agencies who have the most up-to-date information and contacts, I hope to help improve services for seniors.

Helping Seniors Prevent Fraud

Recently I attended a presentation by the Brooklyn District Attorney's office at the Eileen Dugan Senior Center at 380 Court Street, on preventing fraud and identity theft. Identity theft is a growing crime that affects millions of people, and the purpose of the forum was to inform consumers of ways that they can protect themselves from various forms of this kind of fraud.

On behalf of the DA's office Nate Fisher discussed several examples of identity-theft fraud, including advance fee scams which usually come in the form of email, on line shopping and auction fraud, stolen email addresses and ID fraud, which usually involves use of a credit card number. In all of these scenarios, the scammer tries to get your personal information and to make purchases in your name.

Tips for consumers:

Donate Old Cell Phones to Help Victims of Domestic Violence

Our office will accept your donations of old cell phones to assist victims of domestic violence through a program with the Brooklyn District Attorney's office. The phones are reprogrammed to call 911 and given at no cost to women who have suffered at the hands of their abusers. Phones may be dropped off at my district office.

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