School-based Health Clinics Funded Through 2009-10 School Year

Thanks to the quick response of local elected officials, $300,000 in funding provided by the New York State Governor, Senate and Assembly will help keep four school-based health clinics that serve six Brooklyn public schools open for the 2009-2010 school year. The clinics are administered by Long Island College Hospital (LICH) with some support from government grants. Unfortunately, due to LICH's financial struggles this year, the institution was unable to continue meeting the $300,000 shortfall of the school-based health program.

Assemblywoman Joan Millman said: "These clinics are the first line of defense for health threats such as MRSA and the H1N1 flu virus. In addition, they are cost-effective investments of public resources because they reduce emergency room visits and increase school attendance and performance. I want to acknowledge my Assembly colleagues and, especially, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver for recognizing the importance of these clinics."

Carroll Street Subway Station Agent is Saved!
Assemblywoman Joan Millman is pleased to announce that the MTA has listened to the community's call to save the Station Customer Assistance (SCA) agent at the President Street entrance to the Carroll Street Subway Station.

"I want to thank the MTA for recognizing the need to retain the SCA agent at this entrance because safety cannot be compromised," said Millman. She continued, "With the closing of the 2nd Place entrance for up to a year due to construction and the subsequent increased ridership at the President Street entrance, it is critical for rider safety to have a Station Customer Assistance agent present there in the event of an emergency." Station Customer Assistance agents not only ensure the safety of subway riders; they also answer questions, provide directions, assist riders through the turnstiles, and monitor the cleanliness and conditions at their station. In order to encourage more people to use the city's public transportation system, and discourage car travel, we need to ensure riders have a safe and pleasant experience."

The 2nd Place entrance will be closed starting September 15th due to construction at 360 Smith Street; however, the entrance at 2nd Street will remain open. The MTA will retain the current hours of SCA staffing (6:00 AM until 9:15 PM, Monday through Saturday) at the President Street entrance until the 2nd Place entrance can be safely reopened.

St. Francis College Academic Building Dedicated to Frank and Mary Macchiarola

Assemblywoman Joan Millman was pleased to join St. Francis College faculty, staff, students and alumni, along with government officials and others in dedicating the college's new, state-of-the-art academic building to Dr. Frank and Mrs. Mary Macchiarola. In his twelve years as president of St. Francis, Dr. Macchiarola transformed the institution in countless ways. A graduate of St. Francis himself, Dr. Macchiarola had a distinguished career in the areas of public service, academia, law and executive management prior to serving as president of the college.

"Frank and Mary Macchiarola cultivated an environment that truly has made St. Francis the small college of big dreams," said Millman. "Personally, I have heard several St. Francis graduates' success stories. In my remarks, I shared the story of a troubled young man that Frank took under his wing and mentored. The young man eventually flourished and now claims that St. Francis College 'saved his life.' It was an honor to celebrate this momentous occasion with Frank and Mary and their many well-wishers."

The new academic center is home to a three-story library, high-definition TV production studio, computer labs and "smart" classrooms. St. Francis College is located at 180 Remsen Street in Brooklyn Heights.

Millman Offers Free Flu Shots

Again this fall, Assemblywoman Joan Millman is pleased to offer free flu shots to residents in her district. Thanks to a donation by Long Island College Hospital, 200 free shots are available.

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