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May 2007 Community Report

Assemblywoman Joan L. Millman Introduces Resolution Calling on Congressional Delegation to Repeal Real ID Act of 2005

Assemblywoman Joan L. Millman introduced a resolution urging the NY State Congressional Delegation to repeal the Real ID act of 2005. The new Federally imposed standards, due to be in effect next year, will create a fiscal burden on state governments as well as create an information database that could make citizens vulnerable to civil liberties violations.

The Real ID Act will require New York to re-issue driver licenses and ID cards to every New Yorker within the next five years. Only $40 million has been allocated to implement these changes but, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, it will actually cost the States a combined $11 billion.

In addition, the Real ID Act requires the placement of an electronic microchip containing personal information on every driver's license and identification card. The microchip could easily be used to track a person's whereabouts each time they are identified. Other areas of concern include provisions to require every state to maintain databases of information about their residents and then share this personal information with all other states.

"We have an obligation to protect the individual privacy of every New Yorker," said Assemblywoman Millman. "As identity theft becomes an epidemic, and the Bush Administration continues to spy on American citizens, it is important that we curb."

Easy Way to Fairway
Free Shuttle Service to Red Hook Grocery Store

Assemblywoman Joan L. Millman sponsors a biweekly shuttle to the Red Hook Fairway. The free roundtrip shuttle, provided by Fairway, picks up passengers every other Wednesday at 10:00 AM at Assemblywoman Millman's District Office located at 341 Smith Street in Carroll Garden.

Assemblywoman Millman proposed the Fairway shuttle as a way to provide seniors and other residents in Carroll Gardens with easier access to the new supermarket in Red Hook, a much needed service for a neighborhood with dwindling grocery shopping options.

"With the free shuttle, the Fairway is now accessible to the whole community, not just people living in the immediate vicinity or those with cars," said Assemblywoman Millman.

To reserve a seat, please call Assemblywoman Millman's District Office at (718) 246-4889.


Assemblywoman Joan L. Millman introduced West Point cadet David del Cuadro-Zimmerman to the New York State Assembly during the West Point Day Ceremony held on March 19, 2007. David del Cuadro-Zimmerman and his family are residents of Park Slope.

Millman Announces Changes in Health Care System to Increase Services for New Yorkers

Assemblywoman Joan L. Millman is proud to announce that the Assembly, Senate and the Governor agreed upon a state budget that builds a stronger, more affordable system that focuses on patient care. This year's budget sought a new direction for the future of our health care system and confronted the challenge of expanding coverage to the uninsured while controlling costs.

To ensure the health of all our residents, the budget expands eligibility for the Child Health Plus program to offer coverage to New York's 400,000 uninsured children by setting a new income qualification threshold which is now the highest in the nation. The compromise resulted in the restructuring of Medicaid to ensure that dollars are spent on patients, not fraudulent claims. This was accomplished by creating an act to help whistleblowers and to strengthen the auditing process. These actions will save taxpayers billions of dollars without sacrificing patient care. To improve service to those who need it most, the budget will shift Medicaid dollars to facilities with a higher proportion of Medicaid patients.

While the plan cut costs, it was not at the expense of our hospitals, nursing homes and the health care providers who serve our population. The Assembly fought to provide an additional $355.7 million over the governor's budget for hospitals and nursing homes. Locally, this means that nearly $8 million in cuts was restored from the governor's proposed budget to the hospitals, nursing homes and other health care facilities in the 52nd Assembly District, including millions of dollars for Long Island College Hospital, Methodist Hospital, Northern Adult Day Health Care Center and our nursing homes: Bishop Mugavero and Cobble Hill Health Center.

"The health of our community is a priority for all New Yorkers," said Assemblywoman Millman. "This budget makes some significant strides to face past problems and build toward a stronger health care system in the future."

Assemblywoman Millman Promotes Summer Reading for Children, Families and Friends


Assemblywoman Millman attended an Earth Day celebration at Public School 58 in Carroll Gardens.
Assemblywoman Joan L. Millman endorses the Assembly's 2007 Summer Reading Challenge which helps children and parents pick up the reading habit during the summer vacation. To earn a New York State Assembly Excellence in Reading Certificate, children read with a parent for 15 minutes a day, for at least 40 days during July and August.

"It's probably less time than a youngster spends getting dressed in the morning," Assemblywoman Millman said. "Kids can learn about dinosaurs, the American Civil War or read the biography of their favorite baseball player. Reading improves speech, vocabulary, pronunciation and listening. It's a good way to spend time with family and friends."

"As a former librarian, I know first hand that reading connects students to knowledge," Assemblywoman Millman said. "Reading matters. Children who read do better in other subjects, and can better analyze, think and cope in our increasingly complex world."

Every student in the 52nd Assembly District is invited to participate in this year's Summer Reading Challenge. If your child is interested, write to Assemblywoman Millman at 341 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231, send an e-mail to or call Assemblywoman Millman's district office at (718)246-4889.

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