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September 2006 Community Report

Assemblywoman Millman Testifies At Public Hearing On Atlantic Yards Development
Testimony Includes Request to Extend Public Comment Period, Flaws in Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Assemblywoman Millman delivers testimony in opposition to the proposed Atlantic Yards project at the ESDC public hearing on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement on August 23, 2006.
On August 23, 2006 Assemblywoman Joan L. Millman delivered testimony in opposition to the proposed Atlantic Yards development at the public hearing held by the Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC).

In her testimony, a response to the 1,400 page Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) released by the ESDC, Assemblywoman Millman argued that the document severely underestimates the negative impacts of the project on the surrounding community. In addition to the overwhelming size of the proposed development, Assemblywoman Millman voiced her concerns that the project will have long lasting effects on the environment and social infrastructure including schools, libraries, roadways, water and sewer drainage systems, and security.

"Countless community groups, community planners, and constituents have all contacted me objecting to the overwhelming scale of this project. I agreed with them when I voiced my objections in testimony almost one year ago, and I agree with them now: the project is simply too large," Assemblywoman Millman stated in her testimony. "Nothing has been done on the part of the developer to reduce the project's scale by a meaningful amount in order to minimize the project's impact on the surrounding neighborhoods."

Assemblywoman Millman also requested that the ESDC extend the deadline for public responses to the DEIS and hold another public hearing. She stated in a letter to ESDC Chairman Charles Gargano requesting the extension: "I am outraged by the amount of time granted by the ESDC to evaluate the 1,400 page DEIS. . . It is the community that should decide whether or not we have enough time." The ESDC has since agreed to schedule another public hearing for September 18, 2006.

Although Assemblywoman Millman supports the proposed affordable housing, union jobs and the arena that would be provided by the project, she concluded her testimony by urging the ESDC and the developer to make substantial changes to the project plan. "I challenge the developer and the ESDC to take the community input from the hearing today seriously. Until the developer substantially reduces the density and scale of this project and makes a commitment to protecting the affected social services and infrastructure, I cannot support the process moving forward."

The texts of Assemblywoman Millman's testimony and her letter to the ESDC are available on her website at

Easy Way to Fairway
Assemblywoman Millman Sponsors Free Shuttle Service to Red Hook Fairway

Assemblywoman Millman and bus driver Sam Hill outside the Fairway shuttle with local residents and their groceries.
Assemblywoman Joan L. Millman is sponsoring a biweekly shuttle to the new Red Hook Fairway. The free roundtrip shuttle, provided by Fairway, will pick up passengers every other Wednesday at 10:00 AM at Assemblywoman Millman's District Office located at 341 Smith Street in Carroll Gardens.

On August 9th, and again on August 23rd, Assemblywoman Millman and an enthusiastic group of residents from Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill took the free trip to Fairway where they stocked up on groceries, sampled prepared foods, and enjoyed the outdoor seating while drinking coffee or simply taking in the stunning views of the New York Harbor.

Assemblywoman Millman proposed the Fairway shuttle as a way to provide seniors and other residents in Carroll Gardens with easier access to the new supermarket in Red Hook, a much needed service for a neighborhood with dwindling grocery shopping options.

"With the free shuttle, the Fairway is now accessible to the whole community, not just people living in the immediate vicinity or those with cars," said Assemblywoman Millman. "From the produce section to the seafood to the coffee bar, no one who took the shuttle left Fairway empty handed. It was clear from the positive response that this new shuttle service is the easiest way for many area residents to buy their groceries."

To reserve a seat on Assemblywoman Millman's shuttle to Fairway, please call her office at (718) 246-4889. The next shuttle is scheduled for August 23rd at 10:00 AM.

Millman's Summer Reading Challenge Comes to End

As the summer comes to an end, so too does Assemblywoman Joan Millman's Sixth Annual Summer Reading Challenge. In coordination with schools throughout the District, Assemblywoman Millman sponsors the program to challenge children and parents to pick up the reading habit during the summer vacation.

To earn a New York State Assembly Excellence in Reading Certificate, children read with a parent for 15 minutes a day, for at least 40 days during July and August. Now, in September, it is time to send the completed brochures or return them to Assemblywoman Millman's District Office at 341 Smith Street.

As the school year kicks off, Assemblywoman Millman will attend PTA meetings at schools in the District to personally present the official New York State Certificates to students who completed the 2006 Summer Reading Challenge.

"Reading matters. Children who read do better in other subjects, and can better analyze, think and cope in our increasingly complex world," said Assemblywoman Millman. "Reading improves speech, vocabulary, pronunciation and listening skills. The Summer Reading Challenge is a good way to spend time with family and friends."

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