Assemblywoman Millman secures victory for New York City children

Assemblywoman Millman brings home CFE school construction victory!

In a clear victory for New York City school children, the Legislative budget fulfills the capital funding requirements outlined in the CFE decision by providing $1.8 billion to New York City for capital construction on top of building aid.

The budget also helps the city stretch school construction money further by increasing the cap for the Transitional Finance Authority by $9.4 billion to help fund the cost of New York City’s current capital plan, and secures building aid payments to the city to support the increase.

Assemblywoman Millman helps secure record increase in state aid for schools. The Legislature’s plan also includes a record $1.362 billion increase in education funding over last year, with New York City schools receiving $501 million more than last year - or $220 million more than the governor proposed. The budget also provides:

  • a $25 million increase to expand universal pre-K classes in New York City - helping the city to serve an additional 7,500 4-year-olds

  • $88.9 million for class size reduction grants for overcrowded city schools

  • a $13.8 million increase in aid for city students with limited English proficiency

Rejecting the governor’s cuts, the Legislature provided increases over the governor’s budget to New York City schools of:

  • $70 million for special education

  • $10.7 million for Teacher Centers

  • $1.6 million for the Teacher Mentor Intern Program

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