Assemblywoman Millman
Joan L.
reports to
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Winter 2006

Dear Neighbor,

As you read this newsletter, the Blizzard of ’06 is just a memory, but writing this issue I still see mounds of snow outside my Smith Street office. This issue discusses two important pieces of legislation I am sponsoring in the Assembly. (See article) This year our entire process is on a fast track which should lead to an on-time budget. Passing an on-time budget is essential to promoting efficient government operations across the state.

Localities are better able to allocate their funds when they know what resources they can expect from the State. We all deserve an on-time, responsible budget every year. It happened last year and I am hopeful we can do it again this year.

I sat through the Governor’s budget presentation and was disappointed that there was no mention of the Campaign for Fiscal Equity (CFE) decision. The courts have ruled that NYC schools and students have been short changed and the State must provide the necessary funding to provide each student with a sound basic education. With a two billion dollar surplus we have a responsibility to begin to address this issue.

This Spring I am planning several special events. My annual Women’s History Month Essay Contest is held in March. Each year over 300 youngsters submit essays and attend an awards ceremony where U.S.A. savings bonds are presented to several students for their outstanding work. Also, after the successful flu shot program I am once again working with Long Island College Hospital to sponsor bone density screenings.

As always, please contact my office about issues that are important to you.

Yours Truly,

Sponsoring Legislation to make NYC Safer for All

I have recently sponsored two bills to make New York City a safer place for all residents, and especially our children. Assembly Bill 9425 would prohibit the placement of cellular towers within 500 feet of school buildings in New York City. Assembly Bill 9704 would require large trucks to be equipped with a convex "cross-over" mirror, which would substantially reduce traffic fatalities and injuries, especially those involving pedestrians.

The cellular tower regulation bill provides protection for the city’s most vulnerable residents: our children. There is continued controversy over whether cellular towers pose health hazards from exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic radiation. I believe that we have a responsibility to protect our children from daily exposure to this potentially serious health risk by prohibiting the placement of cellular towers in the vicinity of schools.

In addition to banning the placement of towers near our children’s schools, this bill would allow municipalities, parents, and neighborhoods to receive notification and have the opportunity to comment on placement. Under the current law, cellular tower structures and equipment are often installed in neighborhoods without notifying the community or accepting public input. This legislation would force owners of property on which a cell tower is proposed to notify municipalities 90 days prior to the placement of a tower.

The cross-over mirror bill would ensure that all trucks and tractors in New York City over 18,000 pounds be equipped with convex mirrors, providing a great deal of added safety to pedestrians and drivers at a relatively low expense to truck owning businesses. As you know, many of these trucks use our local streets and roads every day. By eliminating blind-spots for truck drivers, a convex mirror on the front of the vehicle would significantly reduce the number of fatalities and injuries that result from accidents involving large trucks. The small cost of the mirrors would largely be offset because they are a legitimate business expense, and because they could result in a better insurance rating. I am convinced that the passage of this bill will greatly increase safety on the streets and highways of New York.

photo Assemblymember Millman pictured with Assemblymember Gianaris at a rally calling for cell phone antenna regulations.

  Donate Your Used Cell Phone cell phone

In coordination with the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office, I continue to collect used phones to assist victims of domestic violence, so they can call 911 in an emergency. Donated phones will be distributed to organizations providing support services for victims of domestic violence.

To donate a used phone, drop it off or mail it to my office at 341 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231.

Big Movies for Little Kids

A new film series for children at the Cobble Hill Cinemas located at 265 Court Street promises to be an entertaining introduction to the world of memorable films for children. The films are being shown every two weeks on Mondays at 4 PM and have received an enthusiastic response from the community - no surprise in an area with so many young children. The founders of the group are women from Cobble Hill who have kids and were looking for fun and educational activities. I have assisted them by connecting them with community groups that may be able to provide funding for publicity and presentation of the films. Films that have shown so far include the favorites The Muppet Movie and The Adventures of Milo and Otis. Future offerings will include Harold and the Purple Crayon, Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are and Charlie Chaplin’s film The Circus. Admission to the films is $6 for adults and children.

For more information go to their website

Spring is on the Way...
   so is Brooklyn Bridge Park!

Now that the Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation (BBPDC) will soon have control of piers 1,2,3 and 5, residents from across New York City will be able to enjoy recreation by the water and breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline. According to the BBPDC, Pier 2 is slated for recreational use as early as this Spring. Possible activities that have been suggested by the BBPDC are basketball and tennis mixed with open public space. The BBPDC encourages suggestions, so feel free to contact them at

photo Assemblymember Millman pictured at the Borough Board Committee hearings on the proposed project at Atlantic Yards. Millman questioned NYC DOT as to how they plan on mitigating increased traffic around the arena.


Osteoporosis Screening

On May 12, in cooperation with Long Island College Hospital, I will offer free osteoporosis screenings in my district office. The screenings will test bone density and determine your risk level for osteoporosis. The test is a simple procedure that only requires the participant to place their foot in a screening machine for a few minutes, and the results are presented immediately. Nearly 34 million people in the United States are estimated to have low bone mass, placing them at high risk for osteoporosis.

To schedule an appointment please contact my office at 718-246-4889.

Outstanding Community Organization - Spring, 2006 Heights and Hill Community Council

This section of my Community Newsletter features an Outstanding Community Organization located in the 52nd Assembly District.

Since its inception 35 years ago, Heights and Hill Community Council has had one goal: to help older neighbors in Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill and Boerum Hill, particularly those who are frail and without family support, to live safe and independent lives as members of the community. The agency’s longstanding stability and presence in the neighborhood, along with its strong and positive reputation, are key elements in making seniors feel comfortable in asking for and receiving services from the agency. Located at 160 Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights, Heights and Hill serves as a critical link between community members, government, and professional service providers whose common goal is to preserve the dignity of our older neighbors.

While the organization’s core service is social work case management - social workers meet with older people and their families to help them cope with the stresses of deteriorating health, the threat of being alone, and the difficulties of managing everyday life - other services include Meals-on-Heels, referrals for home care services, and information regarding various benefits and entitlements. Heights and Hill also provides transportation services through the Senior Shuttle, a fixed-route service that makes 32 designated stops throughout

photo Assemblymember Millman gave certificates to local seniors honoring them on their 50th anniversary at a Valentines Day celebration hosted by Borough President Marty Markowitz.
the neighborhood four times each weekday and provides door-to-door transportation to Eileen Dugan Senior Center and St. Charles Jubilee Center. Heights and Hill’s extensive use of community volunteers enhances the agency’s capacity to bring caring, compassionate services to elderly neighbors, as well as keeping isolated seniors in touch with the general community.

For more information on Heights and Hill Community Council or if you would like to volunteer, please contact them at (718) 596-8789.

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