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October 2005 Community Report

Millman Speaks Out on Brooklyn Bridge Park Plan
Testifies at Draft Environmental Impact Statement Hearing

Brooklyn N.Y. - On Monday September 19, 2005 Assemblymember Millman joined State Senator Martin Connor, Congress Member Nydia Velazquez and other local elected officials in announcing a set of proposed changes to plans for Brooklyn Bridge Park.

With the goal of supporting the environmental impact statement for Brooklyn Bridge Park so that the necessary properties can be transferred and the construction begun, Millman along with her colleagues in government will work together with the City and State to incorporate the following changes to the plan: providing interim park use and access near Atlantic Avenue; reducing the height of the residential building on the upland of Pier 6 to twenty stories or less; preserving the full Con Edison site as parkland; developing residential projects, if feasible, elsewhere in DUMBO, in lieu of the Con Edison site; providing active indoor and outdoor recreation facilities; developing a middle school for Region 8; developing a ferry terminal at Atlantic Avenue with accessory commercial activity; designing a more inviting park entrance from Atlantic Avenue; improving access to the northern end of the park; enhancing pedestrian access to Fulton Ferry Landing on Old Fulton Street; providing public security instead of relying on a private security company; and considering adaptive reuse options for the Purchase Building.

Later that day Millman stated these recommendations in her official testimony at the Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation hearing on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement. At the testimony Millman stated, "After over a decade of deliberation and planning it is time to deliver Brooklyn Bridge Park to New York City. As a community we have stood together and advocated for world class park that will serve as a recreation destination for all New Yorkers. Due to our advocacy we have secured funding and there is a preliminary design. I believe it is important that this process continues to move forward so we can all realize the benefits of our hard work."

Assemblywoman Millman Presents Certificates to Summer Reading Challenge Participants

Brooklyn, NY - At the first P.S. 58 PTA meeting of the school year, Assemblywoman Joan L. Millman presented New York State certificates to 30 children who completed her Summer Reading Challenge.

Assemblywoman Millman's eighth annual Summer Reading Challenge was a success yet again, with dozens of children participating throughout the district. The Challenge was designed to help parents encourage their children to read on a regular basis during the summer break. To complete Millman's Summer Reading Challenge, youngsters must check off on the provided calendar that they have read (or a parent has read to them) for at least 15 minutes on 40 days during the months of July and August. Also included with the calendar is a suggested reading list, organized by reading level and genre. Upon completing the Challenge, participants send or bring the calendar to Assemblywoman Millman's office at 341 Smith Street.

"It is great to see so many children participating in the Summer Reading Challenge," said Assemblywoman Millman, a former public school librarian. "There should be an award for the parents, too, for helping their kids make reading a habit." All participants are awarded a certificate by Assemblywoman Millman, as well as a New York State bookmark, to celebrate their completion of the 2005 Summer Reading Challenge.

Millman Calls on DOT to Regulate Sidewalk Newsracks
The proliferation of sidewalk newsracks creates a burden for pedestrians

Brooklyn, NY - In response to the proliferation of sidewalk newspaper racks Assemblywoman Joan Millman is circulating a petition calling on the Department of Transportation (DOT) to inspect the number of newsracks on the corner of Smith and President Streets. Currently there are nine newsracks at this corner creating an obstacle for pedestrians, especially those coming from Carroll Park with strollers and young children.

"Walking around the district I've noticed a sharp increase in the number of newsracks on the sidewalk," said Assemblymember Millman. "Access to free newspapers and periodicals is important, but we have to be able to cross the street too," she added.

Currently the newsracks on President and Smith violate several DOT regulations including, placement within 2 feet of a curb cut for disabled persons, placement within fifteen feet of an entrance and exit to a subway station, and placement within a corner or crosswalk area.

"Nine newsracks really are a burden for disabled pedestrians and parents with strollers," said Millman. "We must keep our sidewalks safe and clear of potential hazards."

To sign the petition, please stop by Assemblymember Millman's office.

Office of Assemblywoman Joan L. Millman
341 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231
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