Joan L. Millman:
Fair pay, good health promote balance at work and home

"Balancing our responsibilities at work and home can be stressful. Fair pay, quality health care and help meeting our family obligations can go a long way toward easing our worries. That’s what I’m working on in the Assembly."


Member of Assembly

photo Making sure you’re paid fairly for the work you do

In spite of the federal Equal Pay Act passed more than 40 years ago, women still earn only 76 cents for every dollar a man earns for comparable work. Women of color make less - 66 to 55 cents to the dollar. To establish pay equity for all New Yorkers, Assemblywoman Joan L. Millman supported measures the Assembly passed:

  • enacting the New York State Fair Pay Act - ensuring pay differentiation is not based on a person’s sex, race or national origin (A.3637)

  • making discriminatory salary practices unlawful - especially in traditionally female-dominated occupations (A.2825)

  • making it discriminatory for public employers to compensate men and women differently for comparable work (A.1470)

  • implementing a state policy of equal compensation for comparable work for state and public employees (A.305)

Assemblywoman Joan L. Millman urges the Senate and governor to join the Assembly in approving these measures - helping put an end to work-related discrimination and making New York a leader in wage fairness.

Helping you meet your family obligations

Managing work and home is part of everyday living. To help, Assemblywoman Joan L. Millman supported the "Families in the Workplace Act," which passed the Assembly and allows employees time off to help handle family responsibilities (A.1301). The bill will permit limited unpaid leave for:

  • family and medical issues

  • school visits, permitting employees to attend school conferences or meetings with teachers or administrators at their child’s school

  • family emergency and necessary medical care, allowing all employees to provide care to immediate family or household members in medical situations

  • bereavement leave, for the death of an immediate family or household member

Employees who qualify for leave under the federal family and Medical Leave Act may also be eligible for paid disability leave.

Promoting good health

Assemblywoman Joan L. Millman sponsored measures the Assembly passed to provide counseling and research in breast and cervical cancer by:

  • funding community-based agencies and organizations that provide counseling, education and outreach programs to persons diagnosed with breast cancer (A.2069)

  • clarifying that the state will match funding from the breast cancer income tax checkoff and license plate sales and any bequest, grant or gift to the Breast Cancer Research and Education Fund (A.2323)

  • establishing an 18-member task force on cervical cancer prevention, detection and education (A.2343)

Lifesaving health care screenings are available

The Healthy Women Partnership provides a number of resources for women’s health, including free screenings for eligible women, such as:

  • clinical breast exams for uninsured women over 18

  • pelvic exams with pap tests for uninsured women over 18

  • mammogram screenings for uninsured women over 40

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