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June 2005 Community Report

Fix Our Subway Stations!
Assemblywoman Joan Millman Calls on the MTA to Renovate Two Stations in Her District

Assemblywoman Joan Millman was joined by the NYPIRG Straphangers Campaign, Councilman David Yassky, Local 100 of the Transport Workers Union and the Tri-State Transportation Campaign in calling on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to restore the 12 stations including two in her district that have been dropped from the MTA five-year rebuilding program.

The decrepit Smith and 9th Street F/G and Lawrence Street M/R stations were scheduled for a combined total of a $29.5 million overhaul in the MTA’s 2005-2009 rebuilding program. But the two stations were cut in the agency’s April amended plan, along with 10 other stations including 7 in Brooklyn. In total, nearly half of the $830 million cut by MTA New York City Transit - or a net of $400.6 million - was cut from stations.

"When they hike the fare, they should improve the service," said Assemblywoman Millman. "Instead we are stuck waiting years for basic renovations. I worry for the safety of my constituents who have to use the Smith/9th Street or the Lawrence Street stations," she added.

Riders who have to use the two stations have long complained about the dangerous conditions and often try to avoid both stops. The poor conditions include: a dingy and grim interior, poor lighting, cracked ceilings, major leaks, poorly functioning public address system, exposed electrical wiring, and dim light bulbs.

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Left: Assemblywoman Millman with Councilman Yassky at the Lawrence Street Station "Negative Ribbon Cutting" symbolizing the MTA’s failure to improve station conditions. Right: Millman and Gene Russianoff of the Straphanger’s Campaign call on the MTA to restore funding for station

Assembly Legislation Closes State Ethics Loophole

Assemblymember Millman announced the Assembly passed legislation she sponsored closing a loophole that allows state and legislative employees to escape an ethics investigation by simply leaving their jobs (A.4975).

"Unfortunately, there have been about 50 ethics cases in the last decade that could not be investigated by the State Ethics Commission because the people in question exploited a loophole by leaving their post," Millman said. "That doesn’t solve the problem; it just provides a convenient way for someone to escape scrutiny. This legislation closes that loophole and improves the ability of the State Ethics Commission as well as the Legislative Ethics Committee to do their jobs."

Assemblymember Millman said the legislation would expand the jurisdiction of the State Ethics Commission and the Legislative Ethics Commission to include former state officers and employees, former candidates for statewide and legislative offices, and former political party chairs.

"This is yet another way the Assembly is working to reform state government," Assemblymember Millman said. "We need more accountability in Albany and this legislation is a step toward that. I strongly urge the Senate and governor to follow the Assembly’s lead and make this legislation law."

Assemblymember Millman added that this year the Assembly has passed legislation reforming the state’s budget process, closing lobbying loopholes, reforming public authorities, cleaning up New York’s campaign financing laws, and reforming the state’s judicial selection laws. The Assembly also implemented internal rules changes to dramatically improve the way the house operates.


Assemblywoman Millman and City Council Speaker Gifford Miller walk through Cobble Hill Park and talk with constituents.

Assemblywoman Joan Millman Urges Congress to Protect Social Security

Congress is considering President Bush’s radical proposal to privatize Social Security-a dangerous move that could add trillions of dollars to the national debt and force significant cuts in current or future benefits-a risk not worth taking.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has stated that if no changes are made to the current system, Social Security will be able to rely on its trust funds for nearly four decades.

That’s why Assemblywoman Joan Millman sponsored an Assembly resolution urging Congress to protect Social Security (K.252).

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