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The governor’s budget attacks health care, drives up the cost of coverage

More cuts to an industry in need of help

The governor is once again proposing health care cuts and taxes that will place greater financial strain on already stressed hospitals, nursing homes and home care providers. Under his proposed budget, health care cuts and taxes would add up to more than $2.5 billion, and would result in the loss of 37,000 jobs in New York.

The governor’s drastic budget cuts could force local hospitals and nursing homes to turn away patients - or even permanently close their doors.

The Healthcare Education Project, a joint initiative of the Greater New York Hospital Association and 1199 SEIU, has estimated the impact on local hospitals as follows:

  • Long Island College Hospital will lose $6.8 Million

Dodging a solution to the Medicaid burden

The governor’s proposal sidesteps the real problem facing New York - a lack of federal Medicaid dollars. New York currently has the lowest reimbursement rate in the nation, receiving aid for just half of the cost. If New York’s reimbursement rate was increased by just 1 percent, we would have another $450 million - nearly the amount county executives say is needed to cover annual Medicaid cost hikes.

But instead of lobbying his good friend President Bush for an adequate reimbursement rate, the governor proposes slashing programs and cutting needed services.

We need the governor to join the Assembly in helping ease the Medicaid burden. Last year, the Assembly helped enact a state takeover of local costs for the Family Health Plus program. The state will pick up half the local share during fiscal year 2005 - roughly $200 million - and the rest the following year. NYC will save $138.4 million this year and at least twice as much next year.

Stripping Family Health Plus

The governor’s proposed cuts to Family Health Plus would:

  • eliminate vital services for our families including dental, vision, medical equipment, mental health and home health services, and hospice

  • impose or drastically increase co-payments for hospital visits and prescription drugs

  • impose a 1-year waiting period for Family Health Plus for workers who previously had group insurance coverage - even if the employer drops coverage or the employee can’t afford increases in health insurance premiums

  • denies coverage to individuals who work for companies with more than 50 employees

The Assembly continues to fight for quality, affordable health care

Cutting health care services to the vulnerable in an attempt to balance his budget is unacceptable. The Assembly has consistently worked to improve health care for all families in New York, and I’ll continue the fight to ensure the health of New York’s working families.

Last year, the Assembly and Senate’s bipartisan budget rejected many of the harshest cuts the governor sought - cuts that could have devastated the health care industry and cost the state upward of 34,600 jobs. The agreement:

  • restored well over half - $450 million - of the governor’s proposed $800 million in cuts

  • rejected his $429 million "sick tax" on hospitals, nursing homes and home health care agencies

  • rejected the harsh restrictions the governor proposed for access to long-term care

  • rejected the governor’s proposed elimination of Medicaid benefits for psychological, dental, hearing, and foot care services

  • rejected 75 percent of the governor’s proposed Medicaid pharmacy cuts

"All New Yorkers deserve access to quality health care that’s there when they need it. That’s why I’ll fight the governor’s assault on health and help deliver a budget that protects quality, affordable care."

— Assemblywoman Joan L. Millman
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