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December 2004 Community Report
*Happy Holidays*

Keep Our Token Booths Open!

On November 19th, Assemblywoman Millman stood with Councilmember Yassky and residents of Concord Village to express their outrage at the MTA's plan to once again close the token booth at the High Street/Brooklyn Bridge subway station.

At the press conference, Assemblywoman Millman warned that closing token booths would restrict access for disabled riders requiring help and create unsafe subway stations for all riders. Senior citizens and women will be especially at risk at stations such as High St., where a long tunnel separates the two entrances. Local residents are also worried that the subway stop will become an easy target for muggers once the station is unattended.

"Removing a token booth clerk from the High Street-Brooklyn Bridge Station means that there will be no presence at the heavily trafficked entrance at Adams Street, which is at least a ten-minute walk above ground from the alternate entrance at Cadman Plaza West. The subway passage is a popular way for people to cross Adams Street and without a subway clerk it will become a perfect magnet for crime," said Assemblywoman Millman.

Roundtable on Future of the Elderly
How to Prepare for the Impending Explosion of Our Senior Population

As Chair of the Legislative Commission on Government Administration, Assemblywoman Millman is hosting a panel discussion on how our state government is preparing for the impending aging of the "baby boom" generation.

In a short time span the number of seniors age 70+ will explode in New York State. In particular, this roundtable discussion will focus on the latest model of how best to help seniors lead lives with dignity through a concept called "aging in place." This concept both assists the elderly, by keeping them in the familiar environment of their homes and by being a more efficient way to provide services to the elderly. This roundtable discussion will specifically address Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORCs) and how to expand this State supported program.

The Roundtable will be held at Boro Hall, 10-1pm on Friday, December 10th.
Please contact Assemblywoman Millman's office if you are interested in attending.

Millman Opposes 85 Jay Street Development

As the proposal comes before the New York City Council for a vote, Assemblywoman Millman continues to publicly oppose the Watchtower and Bible Tract Society's development. There are several major problems with the Watchtower proposal for 85 Jay Street that have led the elected officials representing the area and community leaders to oppose this application. Because the Watchtower proposal lacks any kind of storefront and revenue generating activity, I fail to see how it could fit into a comprehensive plan for the neighborhood. This lot is located along Jay Street, right at the corridor to Downtown Brooklyn and across from the York Street subway station, the main public transportation entrance to DUMBO. Retail establishments at 85 Jay Street would not only add vibrancy to the neighborhood, but would also add needed security as well as services. Without substantial community amenities, I cannot support a rezoning for this location.

Additionally, the revised proposal includes four residential buildings that are still entirely too tall for this neighborhood. Situating these structures in the middle of two historic neighborhoods, DUMBO and Vinegar Hill, is entirely out of keeping with our vision for the future of Brooklyn's historic waterfront. Rezoning this site from R-6A to R-8 is inconsistent with the historic nature of both the DUMBO and Vinegar Hill communities and would set a very dangerous precedent.

I would strongly encourage the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society to reduce the bulk of the proposed buildings to 60% of the original size, and to include community amenities, while expanding its other underutilized properties to accommodate the need for extra space. I therefore strongly urge the City Council to disapprove this application as currently proposed.

Assemblywoman Millman joined Park Slope Civic Council President Tom Miskel, Assemblyman Jim Brennan, Senator Carl Andrews, Maryann Feeney and prominent community and clergy members for the unveiling of the Civic Council's 9/11 memorial plaque at the Brooklyn Library on Sixth Avenue in Park Slope.
Members of the Eileen Dugan Senior Center, Assemblywoman Millman and the family of beloved member Esther Costello held a memorial service in her honor.

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