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March 2004 Community Report

Celebrate Women's History Month
Millman Hosts Second Annual Essay Contest

Assemblywoman Joan Millman, Chair of the Assembly Task Force on Women's Issues, is proud to recognize Women's History Month, celebrated this March. In an effort to acknowledge role models, Assemblywoman Millman is sponsoring an Essay Contest for 3rd - 8th graders, entitled "Women Inspiring Hope and Possibility." The essays are being judged by a panel of women who are leaders in our community. There will be an awards ceremony to honor the contest winners and all of the participants on March 27th at the Brooklyn YWCA.

"Women's History Month is about acknowledging the history of women's achievements and our struggle for equality. I hope that our children will be inspired by these women to become leaders of tomorrow and expand opportunities for future generations," said Assemblywoman Millman. "Last year over 200 children participated, and I expect an even greater number of essays this year."

Millman Speaks Out at Assembly Hearing about Closed Firehouses
Vows the fight to re-open E.C. 204 continues

Assemblywoman Millman congratulates Deputy Inspector Tom Harris of the 78 Precinct on his promotion.

On Thursday, March 4, Assemblywoman Millman testified at a hearing held at the State office building in New York City about the devastating affects of firehouse closings on Brooklyn.

Assemblywoman Millman stated, "Response times, citywide, are rising, especially for medical emergencies, for which engine companies are certified first responders. I predict that today's hearing will lend ammunition to our fight, and expose the need for a thorough, comprehensive investigation of the real effects of the shuttering of six fire companies. The people of New York City must be able to see for themselves the true consequences of the Bloomberg administration's staunch refusal to reopen our firehouses."

She continued, "On May 5th, 2003, Commissioner Nicholas Scopetta of the FDNY told us that at most, response times in Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens would increase by one minute. But the first six months after the closings, we were facing response times over 2 minutes above the citywide average in Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens. That's unacceptable. We must continue to put the pressure on this administration to admit it made a grave mistake and reopen our firehouses for the safety and security of all New Yorkers."

Working to Improve our Public Transportation
Advocates for free street transfers at subways in the district

Assemblywoman Millman recently wrote to the MTA New York City Transit president, requesting desperately needed improvements to our mass transit system. At a time of such extensive development in downtown Brooklyn, and throughout the 52nd Assembly District, there is a critical need for upgraded services to our subway system.

Millman expressed the need for free subway transfers. She said, "I am following up on specific recommendations made at the Assembly Brooklyn Transit Hearing held on November 19, 2003. At this hearing, several different short-term and long-term solutions were raised, including low-cost options that would greatly improve transit service in Brooklyn. In particular, the implementation of street transfers in downtown Brooklyn, modeled after the transfer from the G line to the 7 line at Court Square in Queens, would help alleviate congestion and increase options for commuters in New York City's most populous borough."

She continued, "In the 52nd Assembly district, there are several separate stations that are within a few blocks of each other but lack physical connections. Street transfers could provide these connections and would serve as interim solutions to upgrade subway service. While I understand that 51% of transit riders use unlimited ride passes which conveniently use time-based systems to transfer, 49% of Brooklyn riders still use pay-per-ride metro cards, and would benefit from increased service options."

These are the six sites in the downtown Brooklyn that need subway transfers:

  • Hoyt-Schermerhorn station (A,C,G lines) to Atlantic Avenue/Pacific Street Station (2,3,4,5,M,N,R,W,D,Q lines)
  • Hoyt-Schermerhorn Station (A,C,G lines) to Nevins Street Station (2,3,4,5 lines)
  • Hoyt-Schermerhorn Station (A,C,G lines) to the Hoyt Street station (2,3 lines)
  • Fulton Street Station (G line) to Lafayette Avenue (A,C lines)
  • Fulton Street Station (G line) to Atlantic Avenue/ Pacific Street Station (2,3,4,5,M,N,R,W,D,Q lines)
  • Jay Street station (A,C,F lines) to Borough Hall Station (2,3,4,5 lines)

In Response to Tragedy, Millman Calls on DOT To Make Improvements

Assemblywoman Millman presented a check to Families First, which provides services for parents and toddlers.
In the wake of the horrific accident at the intersections of 3rd Avenue and 9th Street that tragically killed two young boys, Assemblywoman Millman joined Councilmembers Bill de Blasio and Sara Gonzalez in calling on the DOT to implement recommendations made in the Downtown Brooklyn Traffic Calming Project, which Assemblywoman Millman helped fund.

The letter read in part - "The traffic calming study made specific recommendations to treat this dangerous intersection with neckdowns, raised, color textured intersections and leading pedestrian intervals. The fact that these improvements were never implemented at an intersection frequented by so many school children is an absolute disgrace."

"We hope that you will act quickly to install these crucial traffic-calming measures so that future tragedies can be avoided. No parent should have to fear for their child's life each time they leave for school."

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