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February 2004 Community Report

Keeping an Eye on Downtown Brooklyn Development
Millman submits testimony to Community Board 2

On Friday, January 23rd, Assemblywoman Joan L. Millman submitted testimony to Brooklyn Community Board 2, outlining serious reservations about the Downtown Brooklyn Development plan. Assemblywoman Millman's testimony particularly addressed concerns about the project's environmental impact and the need to view this development proposal as it relates to concurrent development throughout downtown Brooklyn. She specifically noted that "A mass influx of people, new businesses and the transportation services they require will place a major burden on our residential communities."

Transportation services in Downtown Brooklyn are already under funded and in need of repair. Millman urged that, "The MTA needs to commit capital funding for Downtown Brooklyn, and study the feasibility and future implementation of new transportation such as ferries, trolleys, and other means of transportation." She also called for increased green space and park proposals to continue to beautify the areas encompassed in this proposal.

This plan will not only increase need for social services, such as schools, when thousands of new residential units are built. Assemblywoman Millman added, "The plan does not account for increased school facilities or the ramifications of increased school enrollment."

She continued to voice concerns about the displacement of citizens and businesses as an effect of an economically unsure plan. Millman said, "Before we force citizens and local businesses to relocate, let us be sure that we have commitments from businesses who wish to invest in Downtown Brooklyn." Millman is supportive of economic development measures in downtown Brooklyn, but urges the supplemental EIS to address the many outstanding issues to ensure the best possible plan for Downtown Brooklyn is enacted. Millman concluded, "It is imperative that the social effects of our economic plans are accounted for so that adequate solutions are developed."

Millman Visits Times Plaza Post Office - Urges Improvements

Assemblywoman Millman visits Times Plaza post office and speaks with staff about community concerns.

Assemblywoman Millman recently met with Brooklyn Postmaster Joseph Lubrano and Times Plaza manager Derrick Kelly, urging them to make improvements to the Times Plaza post office. After this meeting and the subsequent tour of the facilities on January 29th, Assemblywoman Millman called for the post office to address community concerns.

In response to the Boerum Hill Association's post office survey, Millman requested the post office re-examine its delivery services, expand its outreach for alternative ways to purchase stamps, and create a separate line for package pick-up. She also expects the manager of the Times Plaza station to attend an upcoming Boerum Hill Association meeting this spring. Assemblywoman Millman will continue to monitor the progress of improvements for her constituents.

Millman Awards Funds to Eileen Dugan Senior Center

Assemblywoman Millman presents check to Rafaela Rego, a member of the center, and Carol Reid, director of programs.
On Thursday, Assemblywoman Millman presented members and staff of the Eileen Dugan Senior Center with a $4,500 check to support its senior programs.

Assemblywoman Millman allocated this state funding to the senior center to support its dance and exercise program. Millman said, "It is vitally important to protect programs that enrich the lives of our seniors. The Dugan Center is the heart and soul of Carroll Gardens, and by supporting physical activities I am able to positively contribute to the health and vitality of this neighborhood. This funding will help ensure that beneficial senior programs continue, even in continual cuts in the city budget."

"For over 20 years the Dugan Center has provided neighborhood seniors with daily meals and social events while disseminating important information and connecting residents with social services," said Millman.

Millman meets with Park Slope Geriatric Center about Federal Funding for Senior Transportation

On Wednesday, February 4th, Assemblywoman Millman met with members of the New York City Senior Transportation Committee, including chair Chris Nadeau of the Park Slope Geriatric Center, to discuss the reauthorization of the Transportation Equity Act of the 21st Century (TEA-21) federal funding for senior transportation needs. The only element of the TEA-21 funding designed for the elderly does not come close to meeting the transportation needs of our seniors. This grant provides for 85% of the costs of purchasing vehicles to transport seniors, but does not provide any funding for the operational costs incurred. Without providing any financial support for operations of the vehicles, the vehicles are nearly useless to agencies providing transportation for seniors.

Assemblywoman Millman will be working closely with the Park Slope Geriatric Center and the NYC Senior Transportation Committee to lobby our federal government to support the mark up of the current legislation to allow these grants to be used to cover operational costs. If the Park Slope Geriatric Center were able to use this grant to cover the everyday costs of gas, insurance, driver payment, repairs, parking and other costs, they would be able to provide services for many more people.


New York City Parks and Recreation is looking for lifeguards for the 2004 summer season. Beaches open on Memorial Day and pools open on June 26th through Labor Day and Parks is now recruiting people to try out for the lifeguard training program. The minimum qualifications to enter the training are that participants be 16 years of age by the beginning of employment, have eyesight no worse than 20/30 in one eye and 20/40 in the other, and be able to swim 50 yards in 35 seconds. If you want more information about becoming a lifeguard, you can contact my office or visit the parks website at

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