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January 2004 Community Report

Significant Progress on the Brooklyn Waterfront
Brooklyn Bridge Park, Governor's Island and Brooklyn waterfront greenway make advancements

This new year is already bringing several projects closer to fruition along Brooklyn's world-class waterfront. Assemblywoman Millman continuously advocates for numerous improvements to increase access and the quality of Brooklyn's waterfront resources.

Most notably, after spending years advocating for the creation of Brooklyn Bridge Park, Assemblywoman Millman is pleased to report that the Port Authority has authorized the transfer of Piers 1,2,3 and 5, and honored its pledge to give $85 million to the Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation for the creation of the park. This brings everyone in Brooklyn one step closer to realizing the creation of the park. With a wealth of innovative initiatives for interim uses, Assemblywoman Millman is committed to instituting programming in the park to generate continued enthusiasm and support.

Additionally, New York City is embarking on its planning process to finally develop the underutilized Governor's Island. Assemblywoman Millman expects Brooklyn to be adequately represented throughout this planning process. She recently wrote to Mayor Bloomberg stating, "As the Assemblywoman representing a large segment of the Brooklyn waterfront, I am requesting jurisdictional transfer of Governor's Island to Community Board 6. If the question of exclusive jurisdiction cannot be quickly resolved, please work to establish dual control between Manhattan's CB1 and Brooklyn's CB6." Millman is working to ensure that Brooklyn is the front door, not the back door to this island.

Assemblywoman Millman continues to support the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway Taskforce for the creation of a continuous greenway, comparable to Manhattan's first-rate greenway. She recently wrote to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, urging them to dedicate at least a 30-foot right of way along Piers 7-12 at the Red Hook Marine Terminal. Millman noted, "I want to commend the Port Authority for already demonstrating a commitment to this beneficial project and encourage the agency to go one step further to implementing the greenway and establishing the necessary right of way."

Millman Advocates for Unionized Custodians in Region 8

Millman speaks out against privatization at borough hall and is joined by Assemblymember Peter Abbate, Robert Troller, a former student and president of Local 891, and several school custodians.
On Friday, December 19th, Assemblywoman Millman joined Local 891 of the International Union of Operating Engineers, in opposing the Department of Education's proposal to replace unionized custodians with private contractors in Region 8 in Brooklyn.

Millman stated "When I began my career as a public school teacher at P.S. 10 in Brooklyn, I depended on our custodian to arrive at school at least two hours early on winter mornings to ensure that school was warm for the children. He consistently went beyond the call of duty because he was personally connected to the teachers and students."

She continued, "I don't know that private contractors could provide the same service to our schools. Even though the City may save a few pennies here and there with private contractors, in the long run, we would be compromising school maintenance and safety."

Millman and Community Welcome Rose House to Carroll Gardens
Millman, de Blasio and residents present Asian Women's Center with donated food, and sign memorandum of understanding, creating a community advisory board for Rose House

Assemblywoman Millman joins Councilmember de Blasio, Father Thomas Doyle and community residents Howard and Hershel Graubard in presenting food to Tuhina O'Connor of the Asian Women's Center
On December 11th, Millman and community leaders gathered at Brooklyn Borough Hall to sign a memorandum of understanding with the New York Asian Women's Center (NYAWC), which is opening a facility to provide services for Asian women who are victims of domestic violence. This document was negotiated and signed by Assemblywoman Millman, Councilmember Bill de Blasio, Borough President Marty Markowitz, State Senator Martin Connor and Congressmember Major Owens.

Millman said "We have listened actively to neighborhood concerns and feel confident that we have created a process for resolving them. Our discussions have produced a sound basis for partnership between the Asian Women's Center and the community."

The MOU creates a community advisory board, states a commitment by the NYAWC to implement the NYPD safety recommendations as well as provide 24/7 trained security at the facility, provides a notification provision in the event Rose House is sold, and includes a sanitation plan. Assemblywoman Millman and de Blasio are also working to sponsor a community workshop about domestic violence issues with the NYAWC.

Additionally, Millman, de Blasio and neighborhood residents gathered on December 22nd, at St. Mary's Star of the Sea to present the NYAWC with a "welcome wagon" for Rose House residents. Several community members joined, in a show of support for the facility that has met with some community opposition. "Carroll Gardens came together today to donate food to women who have taken the courageous step of leaving abusers in an attempt to start a new life. We are welcoming Rose House into this community as neighbors and expect the residents and staff to be treated with civility and respect."


Assemblywoman Millman commends Captain Tom Harris for his outstanding record at the 76 Precinct.
On Thursday, January 8, Assemblywoman Millman commemorated the 76 Precinct's first year without a homicide since 1968.

"This is a great day for my community and for Brooklyn. The 76 police precinct, led by Captain Tom Harris, exemplifies how community cooperation and law enforcement are integral to the development of safer neighborhoods."

Millman noted that she works with Captain Harris on community and law enforcement issues practically every day. "When it comes to the 76, Captain Harris is everywhere, from responding to crime incidents in the late hours of the night, to proudly leading a neighborhood Halloween Parade," said Millman.

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