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October 2003 Community Report

Assemblywoman Millman Urges the City to Sell the Cells At the Brooklyn House of Detention

Assemblywoman Millman speaks in front of the House of Detention at the Atlantic Antic
Assemblywoman Joan Millman called on the City to decommission and re-develop the Brooklyn House of Detention. New York City is in the process of spending $30 million to refurbish the facility, which remains and will remain empty for the foreseeable future.

During a press conference at the Atlantic Antic on Sunday, September 21, Assemblywoman Millman joined other local elected officials and civic organizations in demanding the City close the Brooklyn House of Detention permanently. Millman stated, "Refurbishing this eyesore is a waste of valuable funds. As the Mayor implements his plan for a redeveloped downtown Brooklyn, he should realize that by warehousing this jail we are limiting the potential growth of our local economy."

While walking down a rejuvenated Atlantic Avenue, Assemblywoman Millman said, "The potential for this site is remarkable. We need to sell the cells, and convince the City administration that new development will be a welcomed economic boost for Brooklyn." Millman continued, "As we celebrate this great avenue, which is one of the best in Brooklyn, the City should ensure that Atlantic Avenue continues to develop into one of the most beautiful, safest, and economically viable areas in all of New York."

City's Corporate Sponsorship Deals the Public a Bad Hand

Assemblywoman Joan Millman sent a strong letter to Mayor Bloomberg, questioning his latest deal making Snapple the official beverage of New York City. Recent outrage over the Mayor's closing of six city firehouses, which Millman strongly opposed, could have been solved through similar corporate sponsorship.

The funds from Snapple's deal with New York grant exclusive rights to the beverage company to sell its products in city schools and on city property. The extra capital is earmarked for the school system, but complete funding allocation has not been made available to the public.

With future partnerships between the city and other private companies expected, the Assemblywoman is pushing for funding to re-open the closed firehouses. In a strongly worded letter sent on Monday September 15, Millman addressed the mayor directly, "I believe that you should follow your own precedent and retract your earlier statements rejecting corporate financing for the firehouses." Recent studies have shown greater response times in areas that lost engine companies. Assemblywoman Millman, who has been fighting to save the engine companies for almost one year, urged the Mayor, "To allow corporate sponsorship to generate necessary funding to reopen our firehouses."

Assemblywoman Millman Joins Park Slope Geriatric Center in to Provide New Resource for Seniors' Caregivers

Assemblywoman Millman visits seniors at the Park Slope Geriatric Center
Assemblywoman Millman joined Borough President Markowitz Marianne Nicolisi, executive director of the Park Slope Geriatric Center, and NYC Commissioner of the Department for the Aging, Edwin - Menendez Santiago, on the steps of Borough Hall to a new resource guide for caregivers of elders in New York. This new guide entitled "What do I do Now?" will serve as an invaluable asset for Brooklyn residents caring for their elders. Assemblywoman Millman is distributing the guide at her district office and throughout the communities she represents.

In late September, Assemblywoman Millman also visited Park Slope Geriatric Center's executive offices and adult day center facility. This state of the art facility services seniors from all over Brooklyn.


photo Assemblywoman Joan L. Millman organized the community appearance of the MetroCard Bus on September 30. The MetroCard Bus enables senior citizens and disabled people to obtain half-fare MetroCards on the spot. Community members and passersby also used the van to purchase and renew their MetroCards outside Assemblywoman Millman's office.

Many first time recipients were impressed with the ease of the process which included free photographing, notarizing, paperwork, and the receipt of a temporary reduced fare card right on Smith Street. Millman considered the day a success, "Many people took advantage of the van, and I look forward to providing further convenient services to the community."

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