my accomplishments
  • An on-time budget which cut state spending for the first time in a decade and does not raise taxes.
  • Full financial disclosure and an independent ethics commission for lawmakers.
  • Tougher laws against drunken drivers.

my goals
  • Term limits for legislative leaders.
  • An independent commission to redraw legislative district lines.
  • Capping state spending.

community solutions
  • Controlling skyrocketing property taxes.
  • Safe streets for our families.
  • Mandate relief for local governments.

Dear Neighbor,

New York State has been in decline for decades. The crushing cost of doing business and living in this state has pushed jobs elsewhere and led to a constant struggle between taxpayers and the government. It’s time for Long Islanders to tell Albany how to best represent them – through growth and prosperity.

I have lived here my entire life and I understand that growth comes through the state providing an environment for a strong economic marketplace. Skyrocketing taxes have pushed good-paying, private-sector jobs to neighboring states and it’s time for Albany to start working for the people again.

We need to make our state an affordable place to live and work. By providing relief to homeowners and small businesses, we can create a culture which helps families and businesses stay on Long Island.

As your Assemblyman, I travel to Albany so that I can bring your voice to the halls of the Capitol. I am dedicated to bringing integrity and ethics back to a government which has, unfortunately, lost its way. It’s time we put government back into the people’s hands and make New York great again! As always, I urge you to contact my district office at 516-739-5119, or email me at

Contact Tom:
1225 Franklin Avenue
Suite 465
Garden City, NY 11530

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