Fighting for Nassau
County’s hardworking families

Fighting to make our
community more affordable

Dear Neighbor,

My family is similar to many here in our community. I’m your voice in Albany, but the most important job I have is being a husband and father. I am a life-long resident of Nassau County, so I understand the hardships that we face. It’s not easy to stay here when we’re feeling the squeeze at the pumps, when we buy our groceries and when our taxes are due.

This job requires many hours and time away from my family, but I do it because I want all families in Nassau County to be better off. It’s not fair that New York is the highest taxed state in the country and many people are forced to move. That’s not right and we deserve better. That is why I have committed myself to making Nassau County a better, more affordable place to live. I am working for change. I want to raise our quality of life and I want your help.


McKevitt’s Priorities
checkmark Reduce property taxes!
checkmark Lower the gas tax!
checkmark Make health care affordable by
promoting preventative care!
checkmark Look out for LI and get us our fair share!

Enough Is Enough

No one can escape the squeeze that is taking place on the average family. It is as expensive as ever to fill up our gas tanks, heat our homes and pay our outrageous property taxes. Just as bad, we need to dig deeper and deeper into our pockets to afford essential items like milk, bread and our health care.


Buying a home is the biggest purchase that any family will ever incur. It’s a major investment, and has been made even more difficult by rising property taxes. To provide relief, we need to rein in the spending. Taxes cannot be cut if spending keeps increasing. It’s that simple.

Costs continue to soar and there is no indication that this will stop. It’s one of the biggest expenses for families and businesses alike. We all need affordable and accessible health care, with a new emphasis on preventative care. We deserve top notch services to keep our loved ones healthy.


It’s not easy making ends meet. As new parents, my wife and I have so many more costs than we ever imagined, and I’m sure you’ve felt the same way. Whether it’s health care, diapers, baby formula, or any other expense, they all add up. That’s why I am trying for relief in other areas.

photo It’s time for Albany to get serious about helping hardworking families here in Nassau County. We don’t deserve to be taxed out of our homes and forced to move to more affordable areas. I’ll fight for the relief we so desperately need!

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