Shouldn’t You Have the Right to Know that Radioactive Waste is Being Shipped Right Through Your Backyard?

Assemblyman Tom McKevitt Thinks So...

"This is just another example of the typical, insider politics that goes on at the MTA."

- Assemblyman Tom McKevitt, Three Village Times

Assemblyman Tom McKevitt is Fighting to Protect our Firefighters, Police Officers, Schools and Community...
Assemblyman McKevitt Dear Friends:

Think about it. Radioactive shipments of soils come through our neighborhoods on a freight train car. And nobody knows about it. How ridiculous is that?

Our Villages along the railroad corridor do not receive a call, letter, receive a briefing, or get a message by carrier pigeon to inform them of these shipments or any other hazardous material going through our community by freight train. That’s why I teamed up with Assemblymen Rob Walker and Tom Alfano and Senator Kemp Hannon to stop this outrage.

We are sponsoring legislation that demands that freight companies that ship hazardous materials inform our local village governments, fire departments, schools and police about their activities. To date, counties receive this information, but villages are kept in the dark. That is totally unacceptable.

To highlight the great concern regarding this situation in our community, I have held news conferences and rallies with community leaders like New Hyde Park Mayor Dan Petruccio and Mineola Mayor Jack Martins. The turnout for this event was truly extraordinary.

This effort is an important one for our community. Now, I would like to ask you for your support for this legislation. Cut out the coupon in this mailer, or email me to show that you care about our community. If you want our first responders and villages to be armed with information that other county leaders get, join us today!

Say "Yes" to our community being given the information we need to protect our neighborhoods, firefighters, police officers and other first responders. Say "NO" to the closed-door secrecy.


photo Assemblyman Tom McKevitt speaks about the newly formed Assembly Advisory Committee on the Third Track and is joined in the fight by Assemblyman Rob Walker, Assemblyman Tom Alfano, Floral Park businessman Tim Dalton and Westbury Village Trustee Bill Wise.

Don’t We Have the Right to Know? Assemblyman Tom McKevitt Thinks So!
Assemblyman Tom McKevitt Wants to Ensure:
1. Our firefighters and police know when shipments of hazardous materials are in the area
2. Communities can take precautions when shipments are moved and not left in the dark
3. First responders are properly equipped in the case of an accident
4. 24 hour notice is given to villages of any hazardous shipment by freight rail
5. Villages are treated with respect and given briefings and information regarding any hazardous or radioactive freight rail movements
6. Schools, churches and homeowners are given the best up to date information on rail shipments

Assemblyman Tom McKevitt and village officials from New Hyde Park are ready to lead the fight.

Make your voice heard in this fight
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Dear Assemblyman McKevitt:

I want our village to be informed about radioactive and hazardous waste shipments coming through our community. I want our firefighters, police officers and first responders to have the information they need to protect us! The MTA needs to understand that I care about our community and the secrecy must end now!





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