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Assemblyman Tom McKevitt fights to end pay discrimination!

Assemblyman Tom McKevitt is leading the charge:
Equal Pay for
Equal Work
Stop Pay Discrimination: Equal Opportunity for All.

I Believe... In Equal Opportunity

Assemblyman Tom McKevitt
Dear Friends:

The issue is pay equity, and the state Assembly wants to assure women and minorities get equal pay for equal work. I have been at the forefront of this fight by supporting legislation that ensures pay differentiation is not based on a personís gender or national origin.

Discrimination in any form has no place in the workplace!

According to the National Committee on Pay Equity, the median earnings of full-time female employees are 77 percent of their male colleagues. The statistics are even more alarming for African-American women, whose earnings are as low as 68 percent of men.

That is unacceptable!

I support passage of an Assembly bill, appropriately called the New York State Fair Pay Act, that would help bring pay equity to the workplace. The fact is, from the moment a woman enters the work force until her retirement and beyond, economic discrimination impacts her life and the lives of those around her. Thatís why I will continue the fight to further protect people from pay discrimination.

For more information about pay equity and equal opportunity in the workplace, e-mail me at, write me at 224 Seventh Street, Suite 200, Garden City, NY 11530 or call me at 739-5119.

Assemblyman Tom McKevitt
17th Assembly District

Assemblyman Tom McKevitt Stands For Equal Pay For Equal Work:
  • New York State Fair Pay Act
  • A state policy of equal compensation for work of comparable worth
  • Legislation making discriminatory salary practices illegal
  • Another measure to level the playing field for women in the workplace.

Assemblyman McKevitt wants your opinion....
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or call him at 739-5119.

"Regardless of national origin or gender, the policy should always be equal pay for equal work. It is wrong that women and minorities earn substantially less even though they perform the same duties as their male counterparts. I will continue to fight to bring pay equality into the workplace."

- Assemblyman Tom McKevitt
17th Assembly District