Tom McKevitt
Investing in our
      Children’s Education

Record School Aid + Increased Library Aid
• Victory for Nassau Families
Tom McKevitt: Building a Better Future for Long Island

Tom McKevitt
Investing in Our Future

Record School Aid for Nassau Schools photo

Assemblyman Tom McKevitt knows that investing in our children’s education is an investment in our future. That is why he fought hard to deliver the state aid necessary to ensure our schools have the resources to educate our children.

Thanks to Assemblyman Tom McKevitt’s leadership, Nassau’s schools will receive a record amount of state education aid. This year’s budget includes over $681 million in state aid for Nassau school districts, an increase of $62 million from last year.

stack of books Increased Aid for Nassau Libraries

Libraries are more than just books. They are the cornerstone of our community, providing environments where families can enhance their educational experience. Libraries allow individuals from all walks of life to join together in the spirit of community.

That is why Assemblyman Tom McKevitt delivered over $6.82 million, a record increase of $1 million from last year, in aid to Nassau libraries. The funding is essential to ensure our libraries are able to provide the highest standard of service to our community.

photo Building a Stronger and Brighter Future

Maintaining the quality of higher education in New York is essential for our future. Assemblyman Tom McKevitt led the way to restore cuts made to New York’s higher education system, making higher education more affordable and accessible for our future workforce.

Tom McKevitt worked in a bi-partisan effort to restore over $80 million in cuts made to the state’s Tuition Assistance Program (TAP). In order to ensure higher education in New York remains affordable, Tom McKevitt fought against a $500 per student increase in SUNY tuition.

Fighting for Property Tax Relief

"Nassau County families and seniors pay some of the highest property taxes in the nation. As your new Assemblyman, my top legislative priority is to provide Nassau homeowners with real relief from runaway property taxes."

-Tom McKevitt   
Assemblyman McKevitt’s Plan to Lower Your Property Tax Burden: A Long-Term Plan for Relief

Increase STAR Exemption
School property taxes in Nassau have risen over the last several years. As a result, Tom McKevitt wants to increase your School Tax Relief (STAR) exemption so it is based on today’s housing values.

Elimination of Unfunded Mandates
Unfunded mandates place increased burdens on local school districts and property taxpayers. That’s why Tom McKevitt proposes strict restrictions on the implementation of unfunded mandates on our school district. McKevitt’s proposal requires that any state mandate imposed on a school district costing more than $10,000 be fully funded by the state, not the hard-working taxpayers of Nassau County.

Assemblyman McKevitt
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