Tom McKevitt
Working to Lower
Your Property Taxes

Tom McKevitt
A Real Plan to Lower Your Property Taxes

Assemblyman Tom McKevitt’s
Plan to Lower Your Property Tax Burden

Increase STAR Exemption

Property taxes in Nassau County have risen over the last several years. As a result, Assemblyman McKevitt wants to increase your School Tax Relief (STAR) exemption so it is based on today’s housing values, rather than 1997 values, when the program was created.

Co-STAR for Nassau’s Seniors

Senior citizens are especially hard hit with the burden of rising property taxes. That is why Assemblyman McKevitt is proposing Co-STAR. Seniors who are eligible for Enhanced STAR would also be eligible for a Co-STAR exemption to further reduce their tax bill.

Eliminate Medicaid Fraud

Assemblyman McKevitt is advocating for Medicaid reform. Medicaid fraud, waste and abuse cost taxpayers nearly $4.5 billion annually. By instituting Medicaid fraud and recovery requirements, Nassau County would be able to detect fraud more easily and return that money, in the form of savings, to taxpayers.

“Nassau County’s families and seniors pay some of the highest property taxes in the nation. My top legislative priority is to provide Nassau homeowners with real relief from runaway property taxes.”

— Assemblyman Tom McKevitt

McKevitt’s Property Tax Relief Plan Average Savings
Nassau County Homeowners $1,019
Nassau County Senior Citizen Homeowners $1,483

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