McLaughlin Writes To DMV Commissioner On Poor Decision

Assemblyman stunned by decision, arrogant response
November 14, 2012
Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin (R,C-Melrose) today contacted New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Commissioner Barbara Fiala requesting an explanation on the department's decision to hire a Canadian company to produce driver licenses for $38 million more than the second-highest bidder. McLaughlin also labeled Fiala’s “best value” explanation as bad judgment.

“As a legislator and New York State taxpayer, I am deeply concerned and stunned by your misguided decision to enter into contract with a Canadian company to produce our driver licenses, and I’m irritated by your arrogant explanation,” McLaughlin wrote in his letter to Fiala. “While the company that has ably produced New York licenses with color photos for 16 years lowered its initial bid by 10 percent, the contract was awarded to CBN for $38 million more than what we’re currently paying, even though its bid was the highest one considered.”

McLaughlin also questioned the DMV because in recent court filings New York State indicated that due to “significant budgetary constraints” the cost of the contract must be reduced.

“Your claim that CBN, the highest bidder, presented the ‘best value for New Yorkers’ does not necessarily ring true. Exporting this contract to Canada while compromising the security of licenses by switching to a black-and-white format may in fact represent not only a bad value for the people of New York but also bad judgment.”

Editor’s Note: Click here for a copy of McLaughlin’s letter to DMV Commissioner Fiala.