Letter to the Editor Littering

August 23, 2007

To the Editor:

An important bill was signed into law by the Governor on August to increase fines for littering on our highways up to five-hundred dollars. I do not know how you feel about the problem of littering, but as a resident of the area, at times I have been appalled by the highway conditions as I travel throughout my legislative district. Of particular concern is the littering on Route 9 where the beautiful view of the Hudson River has been compromised by pounds of waste that is strewn along the roadway as a result of irresponsible habits.

We all know that the effects of littering pose harmful threats to the environment and can create dangerous driving conditions for motorists. Littering is not only a disrespect to our environment, but it forces our Department of Transportation to use valuable resources and finances to clean up garbage. Our tax dollars should be targeted toward vital road and bridge construction projects in our area, rather than clean ups that are clearly preventable.

I am hopeful with this new law and stronger penalties, we all will accept the slight inconveniences of waiting to dispose our waste properly so that we will protect the beauty of our Hudson Valley.