Support Our Troops

August 19, 2004

To the Editor:

As an elected official, I am often asked how to support our troops who are in danger around the world. There are ways we can show appreciation for the sacrifices being made by our military men and women. Here are some ideas:

* Operation Hero Miles. Donate frequent flyer miles to troops travelling home and to fly family members of wounded soldiers to US military hospitals. Visit Web site at

* Operation Uplink. Provide free prepaid phone cards to active-duty military and hospitalized veterans. Write to Operation Uplink, VFW National Headquarters, 406 W. 34th Street, Suite 718, Kansas City, MO 64111 or visit Web site at

* "Help Our Troops Call Home Program". To donate a prepaid phone card to a military member log on to

* Treasures For Troops. Provides troops with a gift from home. Send $20 donation to the American Red Cross program with details at

* Gifts From The Homefront. Send a gift certificate from the Army & Air Force Exchange system to be used at any military exchange retail store around the world including deployed areas. See

* Send Greetings. Send a special message to our men and women in the military defending American freedom worldwide through "Operation Dear Abby." Send e-mail messages via or

These are wonderful ways to show our troops that we care about their efforts on our behalf.


Sandy Galef
Member of the Assembly (914-941-1111)