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Battle for Smoke Free Public Housing Must Include Ban on E-Cigarettes

Amid today’s news of exploding electronic cigarettes and calls for FDA authority to investigate the nicotine delivery devices, Assistant Assembly Speaker Felix W. Ortiz (D-Kings) turned the focus on indoor air quality by announcing he is amending...

May 9, 2016
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May 18, 2016
"I think this is a right step in the right direction, and if we all remember who Lauren was, Lauren was a girl who had a heart transplant and she began to advocate on behalf of those who could not advocate for themselves. And today, we are standing here to do an extension for four years. I would be remiss, Mr. Speaker, if I cannot say that we should make this permanent. I think this is a bill that deserves to be permanent in New York State," said Assemblyman Ortiz, who voted in the affirmative to extend Lauren's Law, which will continue to promote and increase the number of organ donors in the state. (A-8594).