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Albany Session Ends; Assembly Passes Brennan Bill to Allow Voting by Mail

The legislative session for the year finished last weekend and I will give you a report on the results soon. I wanted to highlight a bill of mine that the New York State Assembly has voted on for the first time: a proposed Constitutional Amendment...

June 22, 2016
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Once again a group of Americans has been viciously murdered in a hate crime committed by a person who gained easy access to an assault weapon. This time the victims are members of the LGBT community and others at a nightclub in Florida. With a...

June 17, 2016
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Brennan Will Not Seek Re-Election after 32 Years in the New York State Assembly

New York State Assemblymember Jim Brennan announced in a letter sent over the weekend to constituents and colleagues that he would not be seeking re-election to the New York State Assembly. He expressed his gratitude to them for their support and...

May 31, 2016
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Assemblymember Brennan Announces Historic Changes in Labor Benefits

A historic minimum wage increase was enacted at the same time as the State budget. In New York City, workers in businesses with 11 or more employees will see the minimum wage rise $2 per hour each year for three years, with $15 an...

April 11, 2016
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