Local Police Commander Briefs Kavanagh

October 27, 2009
On October 27, 2009, Captain Tom Hogan, the commanding officer of Police Service Area 4, briefed Assemblymember Brian Kavanagh on recent incidents of violence and other criminal activities in and around public housing on the Lower East Side, and the Police Department’s approach to fighting crime in the community. Hogan reviewed various statistics that indicate there has been an overall reduction in crime in the area over the past year, notwithstanding notable incidents that have drawn publicity and caused heightened concern among many community residents.

Kavanagh expressed his continued commitment to trying to identify ways to improve public safety and provide youth with a greater range of constructive activities. One such program that Captain Hogan discussed with Kavanagh is the NYPD’s Explorer Program, which is designed to educate young men and women aged 14-20 about law enforcement, with a focus on career planning, service, leadership development, social activities, fitness, and the outdoors.

For more information or if you would like to get involved in addressing these issues, please contact Izzy Murguia at Kavanagh’s district office at 212-979-9696.